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Re: Effects for slapping

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Posted by Jared S. on September 10, 2000 at 11:49:28:

In Reply to: Effects for slapping posted by A-Sackett on September 02, 2000 at 16:55:50:

First of all there is equalization. Most funk bassists use a low midrange and boosted lows with highs a bit below or above the low. I started with my first effect being a small chorus box. It works well but, it stands out a little bit more than some would like. I now own a Zoom 506 processor and use 2 different combos. of effects. (If the money for this cannot be aquired then i would recomend the chorus for starters) The first which i use for almost all of my funk is a combination of Limiter, slap distortion with the gain very low, a 2nr amp (makes the sound like it's coming from a bass amp and reduces noise), an equalizer (boosts lows, cuts highs, and mids) a flanger, and i actually keep this one a bit louder than the other effects just because, once you start actually playing with a drummer and another guitarist and other musicians...the funk is actually softer than you would think. This combonation is almost invisible to the ear. Meaning it isn't really flashy, and isn't going to steal the spot light every time you put it on. It seems to be a real natural sound...almost as if your technique is so good that it sounds that funky. The second combo. is quite unique and i reccomend using it during slap solos or when in groove with a drummer. I use a compressor, the Znr amp, a phase shift (<---adds a really neat effect) an ocatve and i set this one a little bit lower than normal sound. Watch how high your trebles are set on this effect because it tends to cut like glass a little bit when using the pop technique. Because i have a built in equalizer on the processor, I set my lows lower than mids by more than half the db, and the highs the same amount. But this isn't neccesary because you can set the board to correspond with your amp. This is just a little bit of what can be offered though. Don't stop here, there are plenty of effects out there that can really improve the sound of your funk wether your slap soloing or laying down a solid line. Happy Slapping!

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