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Re: Slap Bass Thumb Problem

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Posted by Fusionman on September 19, 2000 at 00:54:40:

In Reply to: Slap Bass Thumb Problem posted by Bobby S on September 18, 2000 at 14:25:54:

It's difficult to give advice as I can't see what it is exactly that you do wrong. Nevertheless, your thumb should kind of bounce off the string after you've hit it. You should practise your thumbing really slow with a metronome or drum machine, just hit an (open) string, every string four times and then change the string (don't try to pop in between use only your thumb for now). The thing is to start slow and go faster only after you're feeling confident about your technique and I can't embhasize this enough: USE A METRONOME of some kind.
It is only natural to have problems when you start a new technique, you will get it going if you keep practising. Also everybody gets the red thumb at first, the key is to not let the thumb go too bad. If it starts hurting you should take a break. The best way would be to practise every day a while so that your thumb gets used to the technique.
I hope I've helped a bit. Keep practising.

: I bought a book with a CD by Tony Oppenheim on Slap bass technique but I'm
: having a real hard time making it work. I can slap the E string pretty well
: with my thumb, but when I try to slap the other strings I can't get a very
: full sound. For instance, when I strike the A string my thumb either jams
: in between the A and E strings (causing the A string to mute instead of
: producing a full sound), or it bounces off the top of the A string and has
: a thin, weak sound. If I slap the A string with the tip of my thumb it works
: better, but it doesn't seem like the proper way to do it. Plus my thumb gets
: bright red and sore in about 5 minutes. I don't have any trouble doing the
: finger pop. I play a Fender Jazz bass. Any advice?

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