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Re: 5-string slappers

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Posted by fusionman on September 21, 2000 at 01:47:22:

In Reply to: Re: 5-string slappers posted by Olivier Laroche on September 20, 2000 at 16:23:35:

Hi Olivier,
When I first read your follow up I was like what on earth is he talking about.
Then I realized that you had mistaken me with Bobby S. (my band members got a laugh when they noticed you explained beginners advice to me, no affence Olivier :) ) I was giving some advice to BOBBY's slapping problem. Anyway, thanks for your advice on my 5-string problem. I must say that I have noticed too that Fender Jazz 4-string is a great slap bass.

keep practising

: Hi fusion man,

: I read both of your questions and I can relate to them cause I've been through the whole thing before.

: Fisrt of all, the book you bought is one of the best slapping method I've ever seen.

: Second, Fender Jazz 4 strings are fabulous slapping instruments. I love the on I have. The thin neck makes it an intrument that is easier to control when slapping.

: Regarding the sore thumb, take it easy, you will get used to it...

: Now for the A string problem, you'll get get it the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice man, Practice... But seriously, you can also try taking the E string off your bass to concentrate on the bounce you should be expecting from the A string. Once you get the feeling right, put the E string back on an practice shifting from E to A. Always keep in mind the type of bounce you are looking for. You can actually do the same for every string.

: About shifting from E to A, try Herbie Hancock's Chameleon or Kameleon (or however it's spelled) (you might find English mistakes for I'm French-Canadian)That song has a strong slow repetitive groove that is perfect for begining slappers.
: Finally, about the 5-string, I usually slap a lot less on my 5 than my 4. 5-string basses are harder to slap on because of the width of the neck and the extra string. It is a challenge for the hands and I have a hard time getting as a cool a punchy tone as with a 4-string. You will notice the attack is not as bright on a 5. Plus if shifting E to A on a 4-string is a challenge, imagine shifting from B to E. As a matter of fact, on most 5-strings I've had or tried the B string was way too loose to get a good slap attack.I usually keep my 5-string for fat grooves.

: I hope these advices will help you out and good luck.

: Olivier Laroche

: p.s. Don't do like most new slappers, use this technique with taste, mix it with fingerstyle grooves. Lock'em well with the drummer. You don't want to sound like a pop-corn machine plugged into a 300 watts amp, do you ?

: About the sore thumb, take it easy, you will get used to the technique.

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