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Posted by Bas on October 22, 2000 at 13:04:42:

In Reply to: Re: Beginner question.... posted by Girmay on October 05, 2000 at 18:27:06:

: : Hi,
: : I'm new to the bass, although I've played guitar for some 25 years. One thing I discovered in all those years is that one of the fastest ways of becoming proficient with an instrument is not only to seek out lessons, but also to buy the best gear you can afford....i.e., if you are spending a lot of time tuning, fixing, tweaking on your instrument/amp...well, you'll certainly become a competent technician, but you'll pay the price in abilities...or, most the time, a person will simply give up because it becomes more of a job than pleasure...this, of course, is simply my opinion. With that said, I am asking you more experienced players to guide myself and others on our journey. What would you suggest would be the best, not in terms of money but in playablility, as the ideal bass and amp combo to start out with? In the amp category, I would say most of us are interested at a beginners level with the "bedroom" sized amp, we won't be needing 300 to 400 watt amps. I myself prefer tube amps for the tone, is there any available in say the 25 to 40 watt range? As far as instruments, I learned that that G&L, Ibanez, Yamaha the Mex Fenders among a few, make exceptionally fine instruments and a person can find them on the used markets for real bargains...I'm a G&L fan myself, so I was thinking of finding a used SB2.

: : I'd like to thank all inputs to this post...your experience will be greatly appreciated...........Keith

: Well, I am a junior beginner. I have been playing for 8 years (no reading or
: schooling, just by listening). I like your idea about investing in good gear.
: I use SWR sm900 and Eden410XLT 410 cab for big gigs; I have one 15 and a horn
: 100-watt combo (again, SWR) for home rehearsals. I do not know if there are
: amps in the 25-40 watt ranges, but as a suggestion, I think that too little
: power when it comes to bass. 75watt-100watts ranges are ideal for home practice

I totaly agree with this guy to use SWR. It's not so cheap, but I think they make the best amps for bass. A good suggestion, I think, is the SWR baby blue combo. It's about 160 Watt and I think it has a really great sound. And you could use it for small gigs too, what may be quit comfortable for a beginner.
It's a tube amp by the way. I use a SWR bass 350 amp myself and HARTKE speakers
(410 and 115) wich gives a great sound. Eden is also very good. That'll be my advice.

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