Re: NEW STYLE OF PLAYING BASS! by Justin the Idiot

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Posted by DM on November 06, 2000 at 16:04:40:

In Reply to: Re: NEW STYLE OF PLAYING BASS!!! (unless its already been done, but i don't think so) posted by Justin;;;bassist for NOvaKane on July 29, 2000 at 15:44:39:, how witty. Did you think that up on your own, cool guy? Now let's see if you can read this the whole way through.

Can I tell you something? You're going nowhere. You think your band is great? Think again. Like one of the earlier posts stated - bands like yours are a dime a actually a dime a million. So you've been playing for a few years, copping others' styles and calling them your own, that makes you, let's see, NOTHING AT ALL. Your a sad wannabe "rockstar" at best. And that's the worst kind. You see, being a musician is about THE MUSIC - not how good you are, what you can do, or how many people you can impress. You do it for yourself and no one else.

You're whole goal in life is to get signed? Stop watching MTV little boy. You're not going to get rich. Why can't you put out you're own record? You and your little playmates can surely come up with $800. I mean if your band is so good, and you're so worthy of getting signed, the I would assume you guys are playing gigs around whatever small town you live in. Right? So start a band fund, and put out a 7" single, or a CD single. Oh, but that's not the big time exposure that you need to validate your ego. Sorry, my mistake. Well, I give you about another year or two before you move on to the next thing that you think makes you look cool. Musician, "bitch on the bass"...hahahahahahahahahaha. My ass.

One other thing Justin, if your going to try to do a rebuttal, or make a point...learn to write first. How do you expect to be taken seriously?

Good day!


: I dont care that anyone did it before i found out about it. That just means i was able to think it up on my own and master it. so really, knowing that it has already been done doesnt bother me, and im glad iam a bitch at the bass guitar.

: : : : Man... That was cool...

: : : : -------------------------------------------------------------

: : : : : Hey, i started playing bass a few years ago, i never took a single lesson, besides from watching FLEA and VICTOR WOOTEN tear up their bass riffs. I'm 17 now, and involved in a band with my friends, i think we sound just as good if not better than everyband currently out there. Ecspecially with my new style of playing. I decided to call it FLIP PICKIN'. Although, there is no pick involved this name fits it. The way you do it is: Use your thumb to hammer on E and A, at the same time you pluck the strings with your middle and index finger an octave up on D or G. If done right you get a sweet tone, and a powerful sound.

: : : : : Also, if anyone knows anyone who knows some one in the music business or whatever, e-mail me with info. Me and my friends are to poor for a recording studio, so we have tons of demo tapes we recorded in our makeshift studio, and we can't seem to get a break. IF anyone can help me out e-mail me. Thanks. oh, also let me know if my style works for you.

: : : : : Justin

: : : :Reed- Sorry, dude, Stanley Clarke was doing that two years before you were born.Check out " I wanna play for you". God, I feel so old now....

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