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Posted by paige on December 13, 2000 at 13:19:08:

In Reply to: walking basslines posted by Dan on November 27, 2000 at 18:43:06:

: Hi all,

: I'd like to improve the quality of the walking bassline I'm playing over a 12-bar blues. Right now I seem to be repeating a 1-3-5-6 line most of the time, either climbing or descending. (Not including little fills.)I don't have good transition lines between the chord changes.

: I'd like to know if there are some standard lines that move from the I - IV chord, I - V, IV - I, and whatever else you might suggest.

: Also, I would presume that the walking line is dependent on the tonality of the chord, i.e. 7th/major/minor/9th etc. Can anyone list lines that match a given chord structure? That isn't for this song, but I'm really enjoying the walking bassline concept and would like to be able to improvise better.

: Thanks All,
: Dan

: p.s. I have heard of Nitti's "Building walking Basslines" book and will look at it.

a tip or two....
you can approach almost ANY maj chord from a half step above it. For example, moving from C to F (I to IV in the key of C) you could go C-E-G-Gb F. Also - when walking the blues, don't ignore the bIII (flatted 3) of the chord you are in. In the example above you could change it even more by starting on the C and proceeding as follows:
C-E-Eb-Gb F.... Mix in the 7th degree, the 9th etc. If the chords are rich enough (C7 b9 11 for example) you can actually build a walking part that flirts with the tonic of the chord you are in with ever actually landing on it... depending on how far out you want to go. That is the beauty about the jazz genre - there is room for all kinds of experimentation.
Hope that helps some.

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