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Posted by blisshead on January 24, 2001 at 15:57:35:

In Reply to: Re: more help pleaseeeee posted by Cindy on January 24, 2001 at 09:40:53:

: : : Hi folks!
: : : I settled on a Ovation A/E bass.
: : : Now 2 questions to get me started.
: : : What kind of pick should I use or should I use my finger?
: : : Also how do I play a continious measure of "G" then "D"?
: : : Thanks for all the previous advice!:)

: : fingers or pick is entirely based on what type of sound you like. Who are your favorite bassist's? I guess it's best to learn both, you'll be more well rounded. What do you mean by a continuous measure of G then D? Do you mean moving from G to D? Or a mode that works either way? -b

: Blisshead,
: My favorite bass player is Marshall Wilburn.
: I know nothing about a bass or any other instrument!
: I am going to take lessons in about a month but I want to try something easy to start practicing now!
: I was told I could play a G and D rythm with open strings?
: I am going to try and start practicing back-up to Fireball Mail.It has 6 measures of G then 2 measures of D and so on.
: Now to the pic question.I guess I should LEARN with a pick to begi with? I was going to go buy a medium gauge flatpick but I dont really know.I want one that will have volume acoustically.
: As you'll can tell,I am a novice!
: Thanks for all the help!

A pick will certainly get you more volume from an unplugged A/E bass, though you could learn either way first, it doesn't matter. (please don't be insulted by the following, I don't know how much you know.) As the song moves through the six measures of G play the third fret on the fattest string, which is a g note on the E string. (If you have a four string). The fifth fret on the d string, which is the third one looking down at the fretboard is also a G, and the thinnest string is an G when not fretted. Try following the dots up from the third fret on the E string to the fifth fret on the D string during the song. It will start to make sense. This assumes that you have a four string tuned in standard tuning (fourths) eadg. Good luck. has some good lessons to start you out as well. -B

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