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LH Fingerings/technique

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Posted by Carol Kaye on January 16, 2000 at 12:06:02:

As I tried to post below, but it got jumbled up with the other posts, just be very cautious about using anything 1-2-3-4, that's a killer, and eventually in time you will have problems. My 3,000 privately--taught students (inc. Dave Hungate, Chas. Meeks, Pat Smith, Bill Laymon, Jim Hughart, Jeremy Cohen, Mike Porcaro, John Clayton, etc. never had any problem with carpal tunnel (caused by the twist of the wrist to accomodate the weak 3rd finger). And the medical establishment backs me on this proven method of using your thumb as a pivot (see pics on my website, Playing Tips Page) to facilitate the speed, comfort, cleaness of execution, as well as finding your notes on the neck without missing, etc. all this combines to give the musician the finest and safest ways of LH execution. In the studios I recorded intensely for years 12-16 hours a day sometimes, take after take, never suffered from anything.....and was only tired from sitting so long, drinking a lot of coffee to stay away on those long boring surf-rock dates, and even a lot of the funky stuff was boring. I'm saying to say, use correct good fast/clean and safe techniques, not anything that hasn't been prove over decades of time. I've seen too many people suffer from the so-called "use this, I do it and it works" routines.....let's see how those same students do 5-10 years down the road...I've seen the results of poor LH technique and believe me, you don't want to have anything to do with it -- some even have to have hand/wrist surgeries. The 3,000 plus students I've privately taught (on top of the uniersity students, Pepperdine, UCLA, Henry Mancini Institute, etc.) will attest to all has hand/wrist/arm/shoulder/neck problems. You're holding that left arm out, that's tough enough to deal with, don't add to it with poor LH technique. Use proven LH technique methods, not hard, and your body will respond, you'll play better, find your notes faster and cleaner, and be more relaxed and feel better after the gig with no residual problems building up for down the road.

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