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Good post Ma'am

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Posted by Tim on January 19, 2000 at 21:01:55:

In Reply to: Re: Bass & injuries posted by Carol Kaye on January 17, 2000 at 23:38:13:

: : Hi
: : I'm playing bass guitar for 2 years (I play guitar & piano for a lot of years) and I'm experiencing some trouble. I had big troubles in my back, neck and hands in the past but they're nearly over at that time but I still get weak & stress in my shoulders and left arm & hand. I try to play in a correct position with an "easy-to-play" bass (light gauge, small neck bass) but the tensions keep going in my left arm. If anyone has ever experienced this kind of trouble (aka CTS or carpal syndrom or similar) and have "non-medecine" advice, tip, I would be glad to read it here!
: : Best regards.
: : JP.

: : PS: sorry for my "frenchy" english!
: -------------------------------------------------------------------

: Check out your LH fingering technique (see below), and you're probably using your 3rd finger in place of your 4th finger. Plus,if the neck is too thin, (a small neck), then you don't have enough meat between your thumb and fingers and you'll cramp up and hurt the rest of your arm and wrist. CTS is caused by the slight turn of the wrist to accomodate the 3rd finger....see the posts of mine below. See the pictures of what your LH should look like on my website: Playing Tips page (click on the bottom of opening page). should not have any more than 6 lbs on that shoulder, wide strap or no...very critical nerve bundles are there, which influence the autonmic nerve, the vagus nerve (breathing, heart, liver, other bodily functions) and the muscles then pull on the back of your head, causing head-pains, other problems, neck goes out, and more problems then cause tendonitis in your arm too. How to get rid of all this? Use correct/safe/proven LH technique, quit using that 3rd finger in place of the 4th finger, get a lighter bass, or sit down, and for god's sake, use your thumb as a PIVOT, allowing the fingers of the hand to move as a group while the thumb stays in one spot....the ONLY way to play and not hurt. And, do lay on a hard rubber ball in the upper left quadrant of your left neck/left shoulder for a few minutes after playing to pull out the muscle spasms until you get yourself together.

I was wondering if you ever hit another website.....
I can sympathize with alot of "related" injuries, and syndromes. Unfortunately, I jsut wish I had some of these folk's problems... seeing I have a (for the most part)
paralysed right thumb. It took some work but I learned to "manage" with what I had, and to Compensate for the malady..... BUT it always pays to be careful, be observant, and keep your health in check.. Oh yes.... Whatch your technique!... Nice post ma'am

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