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Re: Technique, by Adam Nitti

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Posted by Adam Nitti on February 12, 2000 at 09:37:40:

In Reply to: Technique, by Adam Nitti posted by Zito on February 11, 2000 at 13:59:56:

: Adam,
: In your article you say:

: 1. 1-2 / 2-1 alternation (1=index finger, 2=middle finger)

: The question is this: Do you alternate index finger middle finger middle finger
: index finger and start all over again with the index finger?
: Or are what you are trying to say is no matter what finger you start with use
: the other finger next?

hi there!

the basic approach is this: if you are using a 2-fingered right hand technique, it is good practice to 'swap fingers' on each successive note... the challenge for most people is being able to do this consistently whether you are ascending up the strings or descending down the strings. i try to identify this approach as being one to be practiced seperately from 'raking', which is a different type of valuable technique that can be used. the problem is that a lot of players who rake for all of their descending lines usually find it hard to alternate, instead, thereby making it difficult to do things like string-skip or play intervallically in a descending movement.

my basic philosophy is this: if you can master several individual _consistent_ approaches to technique, you diminish the risk of getting into trouble when trying to play something you hear that your hand 'may not be used to,' yet.

hope i didn't make this more confusing!


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