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Re: Reading music: drawn out process? Not hard.

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Posted by Carol Kaye on February 15, 2000 at 10:38:12:

In Reply to: Reading music: drawn out process? posted by Brock on February 15, 2000 at 09:50:56:

: Hey all..question for the pros or any ol' bass player..

: I'm currently learning to read music, but in effect I feel like I'm backtracking through stuff I already know how to do..Is it really worth it?
: Should I take a step back so that can rapidly advance my playing??
: Please Comment!!

: Thanks,
: Brock
If you're just going to fool around, maybe play some blues and that's it, then I'd say, save your time -- you don't need to read to do that. But.... if you want to be able to read to pick up any book and advance and get your creativeness going, then YES, do go ahead and learn to read. The way that reading has been taught out there is horrendously backward from all I've seen. If Studio Musicians read like that, they'd be out of business fast. That's why I designed my video courses along the lines that studio musicians (who read different music everyday right on the spot, and never see that music again), they read so well is because they aim for the downbeats....hardly anyone out there has had this tough reading experiences to teach it well (or like many pros, they don't have the experience in teaching it successfully to know what works and what doesn't work). The 1-2-an-as don't work, and reading notes should be like you learn your typewriter keyboard, a few at a time. I hate to be commercial here, but my 2-video course "Music Reading Practice" which starts from scratch, really is the only current source of this down-beat style of reading, and it WORKS, and you have fun with it while you learn too (3-camera views). Practice your rhythms FIRST, off the instrument, by drawing downbeat lines on the downbeats, and say the notes as "dah-dahs" (for 8/8, doubltime 16ths, you need to draw in 8 downbeats per bar then, not 4 like for 4/4 with only 8th and quarter notes). I'll be happy to send anyone a 1-sheet Reading Rhythms Sheet for $1, just send me either $1 or stamps in that am't and I'll be happy to mail it out to you and you'll get some good practice from it: PO Box 2122, Canyon Country, CA 91386-2122, Carol Kaye

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