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Re: Time to learn chord structures!

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Posted by Carol Kaye on February 15, 2000 at 10:45:57:

In Reply to: Time to learn chord structures! posted by Brock on February 15, 2000 at 09:59:11:

: These chord structures that you all are referring to...
: Can you explain this more? I think I know what your talking about though..
: Isn't it when major chords are derived from 1 3 5 intervals and the Minor ones are 1 b3 5?? Anything on top of that is just stacked right??? arrrrgggg!!
: :)
: Thanks
: Brock
Chords are formed by every other note of the scale: R 3 5 7 9 for majors, R b3 5 b7 9 11 for minors and R 3 5 b7 9 11 13 for dominants (7th chords basically). No you don't use all these notes, but it helps to use them as arpeggios (and in different orders) to be able to hear chords, but that's only a little bit of the theory, you have diminished chords (R b3 b5 bb7), augmenteds (R 3 #5) and m7b5s (sometimes called 1/2 diminishes written with a zero with a slash through it -- bassists need to know these chords as you may have to read them in a chord chart etc.), they're not diminishes at all but m7th chords), R b3 b5 b7 to consider learning as well. And how chords function TOGETHER, as well as your cycles, (series of chordal movement, chords attracted to each other). This is a whole study but not hard if you have the right materials to learn it with....songs have chords, bass players need to know chords so they can anticpate and know how the chords are moving (as well as know what to play for that chord), this is an easy approach, but one that has been ignored for years as many current teachers today started out with rock and roll, not known for its chords like Standards are, so somehow the passing of the "chordal learning guard" has not happened as the older teachers have faded out...some of the younger generation do know chords, but it's hard to find these kinds of teachers. You're almost better to learn to learn on your own, altho' it's a tough way to go, relying on your "ears" all the time, best to get a good tutorial that will show you about how to function chordally.

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