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Re: Right Forearm Pain

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Posted by Karel Kerstiens on March 01, 2000 at 09:42:10:

In Reply to: Right Forearm Pain posted by Darren Steel on March 01, 2000 at 00:33:51:

: Hey people, first I like to say this is at great site. I only found it yesterday. My problem is that after playing for maybe three to four hours my right forearm gets alot of pain. I know it's alot of playing but I play in a band that gigs every week and also alot of theory work as well. If anyone has any idea on a exercise that could prevent this happening I would be very grateful.

Darin: There's not much info to go on here. For instance, do you use a pick or finger pluck? How high is your bass strapped? If you're finger-plucking, how straight are your wrist and fingers? These are important questions. Assuming you do not use a pick, it sounds to me like you may be either A), resting your forearm on the upper-body of the bass, or perhaps, B) bending, or curving your plucking fingers too much (which could also be caused by resting the forearm amongst other things).

Your plucking fingers should be pretty straight and pretty much in line with the body of the bass to avoid tendonitis... at least, that's what works for me. If this is the case, you could either sling your axe a bit lower or push your right elbow out a ways from your body to get the proper angle with your fingers.

I've noticed that at least one of the teachers in this forum has a pretty good page on his or her web site that does a pretty good job of describing, and even has pictures of the proper RH technique. Check out the links on this site and you'll find it (I'm sorry I forgot just who the teacher was... maybe it was Rudi Weeks?). Hope this helps -

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