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Re: learning chordal scales

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Posted by Karel Kerstiens on March 04, 2000 at 12:32:12:

In Reply to: learning chordal scales posted by Michael on March 04, 2000 at 11:25:19:

: Have been studying bass from Carol's tape and books, THANKS CAROL K!, plus others. Have this specific question: When I am practicing, playing 1,3,5,3 arpegios, say G-B-D-B, C-E-G-E, D-F#-A-F#, should I be thinking:
: "1353,1353,1353; or should I be thinking GBDB, etc. I am trying to avoid learning bad habits, and I want to learn something that will build to future understanding. Any assistance is appreciated. ----Michael

Michael: I'd like to comment on this subject by stating what I do. Before I do that though, I'd like to warn you not to take my method to heart because frankly, I am in a bit of a "rut" here and I am hoping to solicit any comment possible from the "pros" in the forum regarding my approach. Perhaps, my method may even be the culprit responsible for my "rut" (Carol, please??? & thank you in advance!). If the others do feel my method is best, they will hopefully, either echo that opinion, or will correct me here.

Rather than memorizing each degree of the scale in the arpeggio, I used the degrees of the scale at first, to learn the patterns or "shapes" of the arpeggios, so I could memorize the patterns and intervals surrounding the major, minor, etc. patterns. I also spent alot of time linking each degree chromatically (string by string, position by position, etc.) so I could travel up and down the neck comfortably and correctly within the mode.

Simply put, I think in the terms of patterns (and the chromatics in between the intervals) and the colors/tones to expect with each pattern, whether I'm playing in major, minor, etc. Don't get me wrong, I know which degree is which. If you're going to jam with a blues band, for instance, you will definitely have to know what "one-four-five", "coming down from the five", and "sharping the third" means. I really hope I'm getting my point across, because I'm finding it pretty difficult to put my thinking process into text. Again, please comment pros - how do YOU think when playing / soloing / etc.?

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