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Re: Beach Boys Movie - the real deal

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Posted by Carol Kaye on March 06, 2000 at 00:40:18:

In Reply to: Re: Beach Boys Movie - the real deal posted by Dino Monoxelos on March 04, 2000 at 06:52:31:

: Carol, Thank you so much for the real deal!! As you said, it's all about the music, and what great music The Beach Boys Gave us. It is a shame that Brian was portrayed the way he was and that anyone who saw the movie might view him as that. Myself, as I'm sure everyone else here on the posting board, greatly appreciates your insight as to what it was really like. I was just amazed that the producers haad enough cooth to actually recognize the musicians that played on the albums such as yourself and Hal. Let me ask you this, John Stamos was the producer of the movie, he was also in the Beach Boys video "Kokomo" with Mike Love. Do you think there might be a connection there that possibly Brian Wilson had no control over. In other words, was this movie the Mike Love version of the story? Just curious!

: Again Thanks for setting the record straight!!!!

: Dino

: : The main thing is about the music, but have to clear up some things.

: : No, Brian never offered any of us his gold records, nor appeared in his robe and no I never was at his house (Hal was tho'), most of that was made up. And Brian's character? Grotesque, a fairy-tale...he never was like that and as I understand after I stopped recording for him (about 1968), his main problem was that Landy guy. I never saw him take drugs and feel that he didn't do any more drugs than any other young person his age at tht time, that's a lot of hooey...he had some unresolved issues. Brian always had a great sense of humor, was absolutely totaly professional in the studios, was a great producer and no, never saw the Beach Boys in the studio at all except for a quick 2-3 mins. listening to a take and than with a wave they were all gone. We always cut tracks, never "with" the singers. Brian was easy to work for, we saw his talent grow like crazy and admired him and respected im, somethnig I hope in time movie makers and journalists will all do too....I hate this trash and it's a shame so many fine talents gave their all (all the musicians in the movie were real, spent a lot of time studying us, Tera Hendrickson, pretty lady who played me is a blues bassist) to have it turn out like a cartoon. I died laughing at the "drug den", and of coure it had to be a "musician" who turned Brian onto drugs (false), as "no-one" else uses drugs (trying to be funny here). Brian always has been, always will be a great guy, just think opposite of the movie and you have more the truth...that music was practically all HIS as a composer/producer/etc. And Phil Spector also, that was totally out of character, but the impact of the music in the studios -- that was real, the musicians were really playing (but you hear the film music) for the realism. I worked for Murry too on the Sun Rays stuff, he was pretty nice, but what I understand now of the home-life, that's another story. Yet, want to assure you all that Brian Wilson is a wonderful sweet man who is being maligned by this movie - I've worked a little bit for Brian lately, had dinner with he and his wonderful wife Melinda, etc. And another thing, Marilyn and her sister were never silly girls, they were very savvy. It's a shame as pt. I was pretty good, but pt. II? No wonder so many people I know just shut off the TV early and went to bed.
Think it was more what you surmise for sure about the influences, but there are some gossip things that found their way into the movie and elaborated on. They didn't interview many people on this one at all, and note that it had a "disclaimer" put on it, for protection too. I spoke with the wonderful Ed Ames about this today and he was glad to see our names in the movie, but shook his head about what the movie was "like". It was nice to have studio musicians acknowledged and they took special pains to get the music scenes correct to the point that the musicians you saw on-screen were professional musicians and they were playing (but not what was on the screen)...and the actor-musicians were serious in studying us to get their roles down pat. That was commendable. But this is about the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson etal...and I still feel sad that they took the Hollywood way out on pt. II, very sad, it was so horrendous on the way Brian's part was so overblown and untrue...he was never like that, not even close from what I understand from our bunch of musicians who saw him during the 70s also. I hope someone gets it closer to being right someday.

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