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Re: Thanks, Carol - Next question...

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Posted by Carol Kaye on March 08, 2000 at 12:54:57:

In Reply to: Thanks, Carol - Next question... posted by Karel Kerstiens on March 07, 2000 at 11:21:41:

: : From Carol Kaye: "I'm thinking "am I going to get my money on time for this session/gig?" You need to think of the Root 3rd 5th etc. at first, ONLY, do not think of the notes, as you need to think of the name of the chord you're playing, so your fingers get the ear connection. To do it any other way doesn't work, you need to get with the chordal notes only. Then your fingers automatically go to the sound. You don't get this at all from the un-workable note-scales -- scales are for fish."

: TO CAROL (Thank you so much for your reply, BTW):

: As a matter of fact, you've nailed it right on the head as usual. When it really comes down to it, I guess (being a "people watcher" and all) if I'm thinking of anything, it's probably more in that vein. That hobby can be pretty entertaining in the clubs sometimes.

: Like yourself, I agree that scales are pretty much worthless, except I will say that I do not regret learning them in the beginning, because (if nothing else), they helped introduce my fingers to my fretboard as well as helping with my RH & LH technique.

: Now, for my next question: Root, octave, 5th, 3rd, sharp 4th, etc. are getting pretty boring for me, frankly. This has basically been my approach for years. Which of your teaching tools would you recommend to me to help me break out of my slump (bearing in mind I am not a proficient sight reader, NOR have I ever been a very "technical-minded" bassist)? Again, when it comes to blues, rock, soul, R&B, etc., I can "talk the talk", but when it comes to jazz, I have a very low confidence level since I rely mostly on my ear. Feeling limited to sitting in on "Girl from Impanema (sp?)" is getting pretty old, too (if yannow what I mean). Thanks again, Carol!
The very reason why you tho't it was "good for you to learn the bass with scales" is exactly the reason why it's hard for you to gt the chordal ways of doing things....just learning the "notes by scales" is totally a terrible thing, ear-destroying, and your fingers do not know the correct notes you're looking for right now to get past this stage, that's why you're stumped at how to do it. I'd get the Bass Video Course and dig into that theory part as well as the "Jazz Bass Tape & Guide" especially -- no you probably *know* your Root 3rd etc. but not how they really function, and this is causing your current status right now, like a dam holding water back. Sorry, but you do *not* learn your notes via scales at all, then you have that much more to un-learn. Take a look at my catalog page (in
Books" on my website, and you'll see more along these lines, there's lots of information there as well as on my Playing Tips Page.

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