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Re: Fret hand trouble - positioning yes.

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Posted by Carol Kaye on March 08, 2000 at 13:03:58:

In Reply to: Fret hand trouble posted by Brock on March 08, 2000 at 09:51:07:

: Hey...just wondering...what's the best way to keep your hands from tiring to quickly besides just shear practice? I'm sure its happened to the best of you but what I'm saying is, Do you think its more of a hand position thing...
: I'm trying to use my fingers more as opposed to a pick..

: Thanks all
: Brock
With the left hand, it is a matter of positioning. If you look at your thumb, the way it is *next* to your index finger, then position it that way on the bass, never forward from your 1st finger (unless it's a very slightly temporary jump), all the time to completely opening up the thumb away from the rest of the hand as you play higher (higher meaning higher in pitch, going up the neck from the nut) on the neck. By the time you're up on the 10th fret say, your thumb should be on the 8th fret or lower if you have a large handspread. I can't help you with the right hand as I've always played bass with a pick (hard pick) but am sure if you ask at a local good music store, someone in the store will help you with that -- sounds like it could be the way you're holding your right hand as you play with your fingers and probably drawing on the muscles in the right arm too much. Most pick players don't know how to use their wrist either to give them the easy punch/whack they need with the hard pick easily...we used to record 8-12 or more hours a day, and each take was intensive -- you're playing much much harder to record then you ever play live -- that's why the picking system I use (with the wrist on the strings, grazing the lower string you don't play on) with all action coming from that strong wrist, using the pickstrokes according to the beat: down on the down-beat and up on th up-beat (in 8/8, it's doubletime, with 8 beats to the bar then), and you can play that way all day and all night, which is what we did for years, and not get tired. It's technique.

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