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Re: The Most Controversial Post Ever (not)

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Posted by wiley on March 28, 2000 at 13:23:11:

In Reply to: The Most Controversial Post Ever (not) posted by Don the CorkSkrew on March 24, 2000 at 02:41:20:

: Hiya, again. Thanks to those who replied to my last post (as abrupt as they
: were). Anyways, I'm in a serious rut here. Ok.. I have the understanding
: I can PLAY, just not well. Granted, 4 years isn't a whole lot of experience,
: but still. I can't find a steady groove or even blow up a decent freestyle anymore.
: Whatever talent I had seems to be deadweight now. Yes, pity pity. I've tried using
: new picks, I've tried modifying my slap style, I've attempted to beat sharp
: nails into my bass.. all these ideas seem moot. I'm not the most technical
: person around (scales? wha?) and no, I don't label myself as an "elite bassist",
: nor do I have the inclination to. Is there anyone (including Karel) that can
: help this poor dumb non-technical boy out? If you can't help me because I don't
: understand what's going on most of the time, help me because I have SPIRIT!
: (P.s. Don't recommend me finding a teacher. Already tried that.) Thanx!! -Don
trying to find your groove is somethign that i can sympathize with. the advice that page gave you was dead on, listen to the bass drum. essentially, that is the basics of what your job is, not to say that it's all you are allowed to do. the first few years i played, i copied geddy lee, (rush) and classical music. it gave me a lot of technical experience right from the start, but when it came to playing with a band, none of it worked because i had to relearn how to play. once you get the fundimentals down again, which should only take a few weeks since you have some talent already, if you want some music to draw inspiration from, you can try dc talk which is a christian band. the bass lines in their stuff isn't really intricate, but it's pretty good. if you try them, be aware, they lay down multiple tracks, to include bass, while in the studio. so try to pick the dominant one to duplicate. if you want some heavier grooves to pick up on, and i don't really care for their lyrics, try some tool. they rely heavily on the bass for the meat, the rythm, and the over all sound of their songs. he does a lot with chords to the 5th and 3rd. it's a cool sound on the bass.

sorry for going on so long, but i'm a teacher without a student at the moment, lol, so.... blah blah blah.

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