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Posted by David Kaczorowski on May 03, 2000 at 09:47:03:

In Reply to: Re: practicing posted by phairis on May 02, 2000 at 18:41:45:

: I know enough theory to do the scales and keys and all that,

but one thing i haven't been able to get completely are the different modes.

Can you or anyone else explain them?

Put simply, modes are scales built off of different degrees of a parent

scale. For example to play in C major but starting on the second note,

D, and playing up or down to another D would be D dorian. In relation

to a major scale dorian is the second mode, phrygian the third, lydian,

the fourth, mixolydian the fifth, the relative minor scale is built from

the sixth degree, and locrian is the seventh. There are also modes of

the melodic minor scale. There arent't really any modes of harmonic

minor because the only difference between that and the relative minor

is the raised seventh.

Knowing the modes and having all the fingerings worked out for them is

extrememly useful. How to use them is the stuff for lessons and/or a book

I can't go into it here.

Also, regarding playing along with the cd's, I consider it just jamming

along with the band minus the bass player because i do fade him out most

of the times. Thanks.

I think you should define some goals for yourself and evauluate the

usefulness of playing along to CD's the way you are. Do you play for

fun or is playing a serious endeavour and you want to be playing lots

of gigs eventually. If you play bass just for fun then just jamming

along to a CD is cool. If your more serious use playing along as a

learning aide. Whether you're playing for fun or you're serious, find

some other musicians who share your goals and musical interests and

jam with them. It sounds like you should already know a bunch of songs.

On the subject of defining goals, that's important for anyone learning

an instrument regardless of ability. One's goals is what should define

what, how, and how much one should practice.

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