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Re: tab snob alert!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Ed on May 15, 2000 at 09:59:14:

In Reply to: Re: tab snob alert!!!!!!!!!! posted by RICH on May 14, 2000 at 23:00:59:

: : : : please, anyone out there, who knows where i can find bass tablature on 80's metal groups such as warrant, skid row, dokken, etc. The bass tab archive does not have such groups, very frustrating to me, that is what i love playing, thanx to anyone who can possibly help me with this,

: : :
: : : Tabs are the difference between being a musician and being a mechanic.

: : Oh, puhleese!!!!
: : Not more anti-tabs snobbery..... it is another way of communicating the notes to a player - nothing more, nothing less. Should a player learn to read notation? absolutely. What a player does with the notes he learns (whether by ear, tabs or reading notation) is what determines his musicianship. The best bassist I have ever heard can hardly read a lick, but he works danged hard to incorporate everything he learns (which is mostly by ear).
: : I do not use tablature as a rule, but I know great players who do. It is means to an end, nothing more.
: : Paige

: Tabs are awesome. I CAN read music. I've always felt that the people who act so high and mighty on these message boards are probably the least talented people on the planet. Like I said, I can read music, but do I? NO I tab shit out. It's alot easier. And I don't care what ANYBODY says!!!!!!!!!!!!

"communicating notes to another player... nothing more, nothing less..." Yes precisely. You are not communicating ANYTHING else about phrasing, rhythm, how parts are interacting, etc. ALL you are doing is drawing a picture of where a specific note is on the fingerboard. As I said in other posts, you will never see a sheet of tab in a pit band, road show, orchestra, etc. You will never be handed a sheet of tab to learn tunes to play with Joe Zawinul's band. You will never be handed a book of tab when you are subbing for a bassist with a regular working group. Even rock bands and pop bands won't hand you tab, they'll give you a recording to take off.
Now we all know people who have developed a style that allows them to get work when they have not developed the general skills that the industry at large uses. I know plumbers like that, too. If your style stays popular you can get a lot of the work doing the same basic shit. But for every one of those "great musicians" that "can't read" there are THOUSANDS of great musicians that can. Now the kind of music I deal with (and Don for a matter of fact, if you have any questions about his experience level, you can check out his profile at It's a lot more than playing in a garage.)doesn't really place THAT much emphasis on reading parts. Even in the big bands I work with, the charts are at least half and half, single lines and chord changes. I don't know ANYONE who can effectively improvise over even intermediate harmonic progressions who "only reads tab" or "can read, but finds tab easier".
There have been some influential and important illiterates, but far more who could read and write...

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