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Posted by gerard on May 20, 2000 at 16:33:36:

In Reply to: Re: practicing posted by David Kaczorowski on May 03, 2000 at 09:47:03:

: : I know enough theory to do the scales and keys and all that,

: but one thing i haven't been able to get completely are the different modes.

: Can you or anyone else explain them?


: Put simply, modes are scales built off of different degrees of a parent

: scale. For example to play in C major but starting on the second note,

: D, and playing up or down to another D would be D dorian. In relation

: to a major scale dorian is the second mode, phrygian the third, lydian,

: the fourth, mixolydian the fifth, the relative minor scale is built from

: the sixth degree, and locrian is the seventh. There are also modes of

: the melodic minor scale. There arent't really any modes of harmonic

: minor because the only difference between that and the relative minor

: is the raised seventh.

: Knowing the modes and having all the fingerings worked out for them is

: extrememly useful. How to use them is the stuff for lessons and/or a book

: I can't go into it here.

: Also, regarding playing along with the cd's, I consider it just jamming

: along with the band minus the bass player because i do fade him out most

: of the times. Thanks.

: I think you should define some goals for yourself and evauluate the

: usefulness of playing along to CD's the way you are. Do you play for

: fun or is playing a serious endeavour and you want to be playing lots

: of gigs eventually. If you play bass just for fun then just jamming

: along to a CD is cool. If your more serious use playing along as a

: learning aide. Whether you're playing for fun or you're serious, find

: some other musicians who share your goals and musical interests and

: jam with them. It sounds like you should already know a bunch of songs.


: On the subject of defining goals, that's important for anyone learning

: an instrument regardless of ability. One's goals is what should define

: what, how, and how much one should practice.


I would suggest spending time jamming with yourself, with other people, with CD's, with the birds, etc. as part of your practice routine - on Bass lines, soloing - whatever comes to mind - chord progression, a song, on one note. We want to play music so practice playing and making music.

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