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Re: Type of bass to start on

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Posted by Carol Kaye on June 01, 2000 at 07:05:33:

In Reply to: Type of bass to start on posted by Mark on May 24, 2000 at 19:34:06:

: I'm a beginning bass player, but I have roots in jazz and play other instruments. I want to play acoustic upright but I can't imagine how I'd lug it around without a car it can fit into.


: I like the sound of some of those electric acoustics (loved hearing Eberhard Weber in concert years ago), but how much money are we talking about for a decent sound? On the Clevinger website there seems to be quite a range. Also, am I getting ahead of myself? I took a bass class from Jeremy at Blue Bear in SF but otherwise am a complete beginner, though I know some theory, played trombone in college jazz improv groups, etc. Any suggestions?

: By the way, this is a great site for bassists!
You should probably start on a decent bolt-on neck bass, like a new Fender Bass, Ibanez, or Yamaha and even Aria has some fine basses to start out on (I use the Aria Pro II Steve Bailey bass, a little too high-end to start out on, but the best imo to record on and play live on with the Duncan pickups etc.). You shouldn't spend more than 3-4 hundred for a nice new good bass (or used Yamaha or Ibanez) to start with. Later on, you can get as a 2nd and 3rd bass what you want but I've found that the acoustic-electrics do NOT give you the versatility for all styles of music playing you will want, they're specialized basses. And then there's always the feedback problem and lack of punch too for all the acoustic-elec's. I'm speaking from experience of recording over 10,000 record dates, being voted high on the polls as a live player too, having taught some of the finest in the business -- not bragging, but explaining the kinds of experience I speak from. Many get in this business who aren't even teachers, let alone speaking with the authority of live experiences coming from being a top professional, be careful to always listen to (even tho' some pro's will write endoresements etc.) listen personally to what pro's have to say at their seminars. There are some who do not play the political game. I'd go with one of those basses, not an eclectic bass just yet until you get some playing experiences under your belt, then you'll have more of an idea of what you personally will want and with practicality. Good luck.

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