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Re: Is Band in the Box good for beginners?

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Posted by Carol Kaye on June 09, 2000 at 00:03:01:

In Reply to: Re: Is Band in the Box good for beginners? posted by El Pájaro on June 05, 2000 at 07:05:17:

: : : Still and all, especially in the jazz idiom, you want to make sure that your lines and solos stand on their own and communicate the tune at all times. And you can only work on that AWAY from any chordal and rhythmic support.
: : -----------------------------------------------------------------
: : Yes, that's very true. I found the Band in The Box fairly good. While you do not have the feedback you would with live players, the communication part of it, it is nice to have a little something to "play to", try out some different patterns. must practice the fine materials *before* you ever try hit or miss things with these types of devices, or you're wasting your time. You can't learn it from a dead piece of machinery if you don't have your good jazz patterns to begin with (scales do NOT make it at all -- jazz was formed from chords and chordal substitutes, never from scales which are nothing more than occasional traveling notes, not even that....and they wreck your ear for chords too). So it's highly important to practice the right materials *before* you ever try anything with anything. Getting your theory together is paramount to "playing with anything", otherwise you're just in it for entertainment, not for actual learning something. That's OK too. Am stressing as a long-time teacher and decades-long jazz musician (have played with the finest, and am recognized as one of the tops by my peers)....boy you can't see much in this little box can you. Anyway, it'll be great to take the proper steps and get your playing together some first, before you try the Band in The Box, Jamey Abersold (sorry, that's scales, they don't work), etc. then quickly graduate to LIVE MUSICIANS where you get the correct communication you need. Others are learning jazz too, and probably are looking for someone like you to "jam with" too.....that's where the real music begins. So in the proper order, it's OK for a little while....then you'll never use it again. It's too limited.

: Hi there people,
: Both Ed and Carol Kaye are right, as they pointed out a fact I dindn´t stress enough in my previous posting, which is: nothing compares to the experience of playing with living musicians and, of course, BIAB is not a substitute for that. It IS a valuable learning tool, and it definitely has its place, but, as Ed and Carol wisely stated, it´s only one of the many steps to becoming a complete musician.

: Completely off-topic: hey Carol, it's great to have some interaction with you! Just wanted to tell you your books were such an unvaluable aid in teaching me how to read. My teacher had me go through them from day one, when I couldn't tell the difference from an eight note to an ant, and I have improved a lot since then and thanks to you to a great extent. So it's great to have at least this little conversation with you. Just that....
: Buena suerte and keep your basses WAY up front in the mix,
: El Pájaro.
Thanks, and you're absolutely right. Nothing happens great without the bass up in the mix, so true.

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