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Re: tab snob alert!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by JN on June 23, 2000 at 07:00:37:

In Reply to: Re: tab snob alert!!!!!!!!!! posted by phairis on May 18, 2000 at 13:34:04:

I couldn't find a nice place for this 'post' so I'll put it here.
Anyway. This might surprise you "Bassbuffs" that are so against TABs, there is many people that doesn't really want to m a s t e r their instrument. They simply want to play a very simple backup for the guitarplayer in their garage band. I think that number is much much higher then the number of people willing to spend their whole life on playing their instrument(s).
That is probably why you can find millions of sites with TABs and practically none that has ordenary notes.

So the question comes down to this. Is TABs to be banned from use simply so 'sincere' musicians can feel high and mighty becous they know this secret language that mere mortals can't?

To me, this sound like a worthless debate. If you want to be really good at your instruments(s) you need to learn everything ofcourse. Hell I'm sure you'd benefit by knowing what kind of impact wood from africa and wood from USA makes on your instrument. But does this mean that if you don't know, you should be secluded? I hoppe at least someone sees the irony here.

In other words. TABs IS much easyer to read if you know NOTHING about your instrument or music in general. Coinsidently, that's where most people without the knowledge programmed into the genes start. Now, the good choise would ofcourse be to go to a teacher which is totally devoted to you, holds a position in at least 6 bands, are a good teacher, instinctivly knows what you want to learn and have time to instruct you when you call him/her up at 3 AM wondering if they can go over the last session again over the phone.
For the person that doesn't have access to a teacher, or maybe simply can't afford it (Belive it or not, but some people have that little money!) can still play with their garageband without make a fool out of themself by using the dreaded TABs.

But as I said, this is for unsincere people who really should be lined up and shoot for their stupidity for not wanting to master their instrument, and just have a bit of fun. (There's that irony thing again)

: : Not to interrupt your little tete-a-tete, here, guys, but I think that tabs, while they are somewhat useful, are even more destructive. A couple of years ago when I first started playing, I would learn by ear, and then I moved on to learning by tab. However, unless I already knew the song halfway by ear anyway, I coulnd't get the phrasing or anything. You CAN'T sightread tab. Now, I've switched to learning notation. I know all the notes, because I play several other instruments, but now I have to relearn which fret and which string is which note, etc. I wish I had started out this way, and for any beginner, I urge you to start out that way too.

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