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Re: Victor Wooten's technique

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Posted by Kostas K. on July 28, 2000 at 03:31:26:

In Reply to: Victor Wooten's technique posted by Olmon on July 15, 2000 at 13:01:22:

: Can anyone explain Victor Wooten's technique (slapping, triplets, chords and harmonics)? I'm deperate for the info.


As far as I know Victor Wooten uses mainly four techniques.

1) He uses his thumb in a downward and upward motion just like a guitar pick(double thumbing)and adds when ever possible a "pop" with his index finger.
Be aware that in this technique he picks with his thumb, he doesn't slap the strings.

Here is a C major scale for you to practise on double thumbing. Use various right-hand fingerings.


2)When he plays funk after slapping the strings with his thump he uses his right-hand index,middle & ring finger to play a very fast "popped" triplet which when muted sounds like a drummer's flam.

3)Also, usually when he plays funk, he uses a concept which he calls open hammer pluck. First he hits a string with his thump,then he hammers-on on to a fret and lastly he adds a "pop" producing a very fast triplet. Keep on your mind that none of the notes he plays have to be on the same string.For more on this technique visit his site.

Here is a nice fill you can use when you play funk. It should take you a lot of time (months?) to perfect but once you have the open hammer pluck technique mastered you can use it anyway you like (for fast scales & arpeggios).Start slowly (slow tempo) and as soon as you can play it clean increase the speed. All notes are sextuplets which means that you must play it in two beats.

T = thump, H = hammer-on, P = pop with index finger



4)When he is playing a melodic solo unacompaned, he uses a Stanley Jordan two-handed tapping technique to get a much fuller sound. For more on tapping check my follow-up at a message that jack daniel posted(7/26/00).

Hope this helps!

Kostas K.

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