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Posted by Pat Harrington on May 09, 2000 at 22:54:40:

In Reply to: Re: "Piano Style" bass strings posted by Gary Jibilian on May 09, 2000 at 08:29:18:

: : The first couple of years I played bass, I would just use any old damn strings so long as the label read "bass strings". Now I'm in the process of experimenting with different kinds and brands of strings. Recently I ran across a type of string made by Rotosound called "piano style". The name really perked my interest. Has anyone here used these types of strings? If so, what style of playing or music do you think they are best used for? Is the name just a gimmick? I just want to get some info on them before I decide to fork over $30 for a set.

>>> What you guys are referring to is the Rotosound "PSD", or
"piano string design", not to be confused with "taper core"
like the Trace-Elliot, LaBella Super Steps or GHS "Progressive",
the PSD Rotosounds actually have the bare center core contacting
the bridge saddles. This is an interesting concept, and while it
theoretically works very well on an acoustic instrument such as an
actual piano, I've tried these strings, and I just couldn't get enough
bottom out of them. There's just not enough physical string mass
contacting the bridge, meaning not enough of the string's physical
vibrations make it through to the body of the instrument. Also, you
have a string which is highly prone to breakage it it's most critcal
"witness point" , where the string goes over the bridge. The PSD's
also no longer come in a particular configuration for different types
of basses, such as Fender, Musicman, Rickenbacker, etc. The string
is now only offered in a "one size fits all" configuration with a goofy
"adjustable ball end"..another potential fail point on the string...
The theory behind this string was to get LOTS of brightness out of
the string, but in practice you have a string which lacks bottom and
is highly susceptible to breaking. The string was designed in the early
70's as a super bright string, but string technology has now rendered
this design as just a curiosity. If you're looking for a super bright
string that won't break and lasts a LONG time, try the D'Addario
Prisms...They're ULTRA bright, have BIG bottom...The best of all
worlds. The "taper core" strings that I mentioned above have the
second or third wrap going over the bridge, and seem to be a sort
of compromise between a bare core string and a conventional string,
and I have used them, but don't seem to quite match the superior
tone of the D'addario Prisms. Check my posting above about the
CHEAP STRINGS, there's a guy on EBAY that has 4000 sets for
sale at 8 dollars a set, and I just ordered several sets, but my favorite
string is still the Stainless D'Addario PRISM...


Pat H

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