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Posted by Brock on May 15, 2000 at 12:13:47:

In Reply to: BP MAG READERS CHECK THIS OUT!! posted by El Pájaro on May 15, 2000 at 07:18:01:

: Hi there people,
: If any of you are readers or suscribers of Bass Player magazine, there's something you definitely must know.
: Recently, we suscribers of the internet bass digest The Bottom Line recieved a very bad piece of news. Bass Player decided to drop columnists Rick Turner and Mike Tobias, who, in case you don't know, are two of the world's most renowned instrument builders ever. These two guys know more about bass design, setup, construction and other technical related items than anybody as far as I'm concerned. Their columns taught me more about the technical aspects of the bass than I ever thought I could learn. All this time, they were signed as columists by Bass Player, and we readers/suscribers were fortunate to get a lot of insight about those items from these two fine guys, who are capable and nice enough to share their knowledge with us in an informative, humorous and non-pedantic way. Their columns were, IMHO, two of Bass Player's greatest assets (we could discuss here the drop in quality the magazine has experiencedr lately, but maybe that's subject for another post).
: Oddly enough, BP decided to drop these guys because of, in their words, their presence in the pages of the magazine could create a "conflict of interests". An euphemistic way to say "the bass-building corporate giants who run ads in this magazine pressured us to drop you because they think you're getting a full page for self-promoting your own products, and even getting paid for it". Now, I know a magazine has to be profitable to remain in business, but this is what I call COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Cutting down the quality and the usefulness of a magazine on advertirser's pressure is a very disrespectful move with regard to the readers, who are the very people a magazine wouldn't exist without.
: If you are a BP reader, now you know how little BP cares about you. If you have a spare minute, let them know your dissatisfaction by e-mailing the editor. He can be reached at
: Make noise! Be heard! Buena suerte and keep your basses up front in the mix,
: El Pájaro.


Hey... Brock here

Yeah i've read my share of BP mag and I am shocked to find this out.. I agree that the articles they had were ACTUALLY informative, down to earth, here's how it is- type shit.. What the hell is goin on in the music industry?? It seems (like El Paj has said) corporate giants fucking run the show and are ONLY ONLY ONLY in it for money. Hell if they care about bass at all. Informing musicians (especially bassists) of various and vital tips keeps us all alive and sharing what we do know is the best part about it... I don't know why they think we're gonna wanna look at page loads and page loads of ads. Yes, new products are cool and great, and yes we need them..but what the hell right? That's not the reason we buy magazines like bass player. If I want ads I'll go buy a book that lists every new product in alphabetical order from a-z with closeup color pictures in pop-up book format. And check it out..what kind of move is this? A big one? a small one? a huge one?? WHAT it is friends, is a perfect example of how things are run in the business. They don't wanna share shit they want your money, and that downright pisses me off...pardon my language here. I'm sick of being looked at as another number, another head. Maybe i'm a couple hundred bucks here and there. To them we're just consumers and not in it for the music... then anyone out there?????????????????
-God knows THEY AREN'T.


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