By the way..Active electronics through amp heads..!!??? READ THIS ONE!!

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Posted by Brock on May 19, 2000 at 09:13:40:

Hey again..

'nother question for anyone who knows their stuff :)

Pretty recently I bought a Warwick Thumb Bass..(bolt-on). I must say it is an EXCCEEELLLLLENNNNTTT bass. I absolutely am in love with it. It plays awesome, it feels great, it looks incredible, and the sound is unmatchable..(although i may look into getting some new strings)..anyway, as I have been saying earlier I'm shortly getting ready to buy my first bass rig setup (not my first amp either)....I have a Peavy 1x15..i think its 160 watts or something...actually now that i think about it a may have a small horn in it..ahhh maybe not..
Anway since i'm going to be buying a decent amp and cab (or 2) is there anything i should know about the active electronics into amp inputs? High or Low doesn't matter does it? Cause the peavy just isn't cuttin the job anymore, and when i turn it up REAL loud it starts losing it..and starts gettin distorted. I know that active electronics give a FINE BOOST to any situation so i'm thinking maybe i should be careful if i don't know..i definitely wouldn't want to compromise a new rig...hmmmmmmmm.. Lastly.. can somebody tell me if it matters to mix different brand heads with different bass cabinets. I hope it wouldn't matter but i think it deserves attention..

Thanks for your input. You're helping me out more than you think..


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