Re: Active and passive pickups. Which is best for blues/jazz/slap or funk?

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Posted by Brock on May 20, 2000 at 13:55:50:

In Reply to: Active and passive pickups. Which is best for blues/jazz/slap or funk? posted by Shengjie on May 20, 2000 at 07:43:47:

: I want to buy a bass but do not know whether to buy one with active or passive pickups? The active ones seem to be more expensive. Why? And which one is more general for playing --- meaning suitable for most kind of bass styles with decent/clean sound.And which type of string is more suitable for playing fast baseline (not just slapping). And will different types of strings affect the performance of the active/passive pickups?


Hey man..

i can hopefully help you with one of your questions about active/passive pickups....I've had different basses with each, but my latest bass (Warwick Thumb bolt-on)has active pickups. The difference is pretty clear cut between pickups. Passive pickups are pickups that are powered by an external source, such as your amp. I believe my bass can go between active and passive. Active pickups work very well for many players because an active pickup is powered from a battery in your guitar body (there should be a little compartment that holds it) Because of the battery, you get extra power out of your bass from the inside; thus affecting the sound outside obviously. For example, if you have played just a normal bass with passive pickups, you'd find that you can turn all the knobs up all the way and your bass only goes so loud before you have to turn up your amp to be louder in the mix. If it were active pickups in that situation, you would not have to turn up your amp, instead you could just toggle a switch on your bass and all of the sudden you've got a whole new power source, thus increasing the signal to your amp and likewise really boosting the volume!! I think for slap bass personally, a bass with active pickups would perform very well becuase you get a whole new side of the bass to work with..With my bass i get extra crunch and brilliance with the active pickups enabled, and i think it sounds great for slap. In my opinion, just try basses with both and see how you like them..maybe you'll find that passive is more the way to go for you. But if you really want help..I'd say go with'll find they come in pretty useful when you need the extra power :)
Good luck man,


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