Re: what to do when accused of overplaying?

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Posted by El Pájaro on June 04, 2000 at 17:43:58:

In Reply to: what to do when accused of overplaying? posted by g on June 02, 2000 at 08:04:18:

: The heading says it all. I have a strong jazz/folk/improv background and tend to
: take a more melodic approach (not overly aggresive though, just slight
: embellishments
: here and there and the occasional run to resolve a phrase an octave higher).
: The problem is the band i am currently playing in (classic rock covers) are
: pretty much used to just playing with bass players who hang onto one note
: per change (AAAA->EEEE->AAAA etc...), and when i try to do something more
: interesting i get accused of overplaying, even when i am playing the tune
: the way it was originally played by the group
: (i,e, live version of styx come sail
: away, Queen 'tie your mother down'.....i just get told to stay on one note....
: whats a guy to do? my timing and note choices are dead on, so that is not
: the problem, should i just play it out the way they want me to so they
: can see just how lame and boring sounding that style of playing is? these guys
: dont seem to get how by the bass doing these things properly, it builds tension
: and excitement in a tune...anyone have a similar problem?

Hey there,
Now that's a tough one. Anyway, I'd follow Alfonso's advice and just leave that band. Sadly, too often you'll come across band members (specially guitarists) who'll want you to play the most boring bass parts. To each his own, but I tend to stay away from people who are unable to appreciate a bass player's craft. If, as you say, these guys want you to play covers and they won't even allow you to play the bass parts as recorded in the original versions, that's a bad sign, and it only shows they don't have an ear for interesting bass parts. I think I'd look for another band where my art is appreciated an respected. It makes no sense trying to change the minds of mediocre players.
That's my two pennies worth,
El Pájaro.

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