Re: what to do when accused of overplaying?

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Posted by Ed on June 05, 2000 at 13:43:52:

In Reply to: Re: what to do when accused of overplaying? posted by phairis on June 02, 2000 at 20:16:07:

What good are chops if you can't use 'em? Keep it up, and rock on!

Sounds like the old Cold War generals, What good are nukes if ya can't use'm. Note choice should always be determined by what is gonna serve the situation, not how much can be played. Saying things like "lame" etc. refering to parts that have already been laid down by another player are more indicative, to me, of someone who feels a need to show off, rather than play WITH a group of musicians.

you said you have good note selection

Well what he actually said was "my timing and note choices are spot on" which sounds like more BigEgoHead talk to me. I find it hard to believe that can play in such a tasteful and melodic fashion that everybody in the band hates it. It seems more likely that there are some differing points of view as to the direction of the band, so yeah, maybe the cat wants to split. But I gotta say that a for drummer friend of mine, the best thing that ever happened to him was having a steady pop gig where he was forced to play as simply as possible. It did wonders for his jazz playing, suddenly everything just grooved more. And all because he wasn't trying to show everbody how much he COULD play.

Yes, rests are notes, but so are notes

But nobody was talking to him about not playing enough, right?

you're just throwing in fills, not trying to solo over every bar or anything.

Well, we've only heard one side of this, right?

Paige, if this cat is unhappy in this group and does not want to play with them, he has every right to bag it up and move on. My point was: Was it clear when he joined the band that is was gonna be all covers? If yes, then anything he does that isn't on the record is gonna be "out of bounds'.

And I know from bitter personal experience that tendency for almost all of us is to try to "do more to amke stuff happen" rather than "do less to let things happen". Somebody trying to play like Elvin with the Cranberries ain't gonna work. But if Elvin WAS playing with the Cranberries, he would be drawing on a vast array of technique and knowledge to play exactly what was necessary to keep the situation musical.

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