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Posted by k on June 12, 2000 at 13:23:34:

In Reply to: Re: Musicality - posted by phairis on June 11, 2000 at 21:43:27:

: : : I wasn't assuming anything about YOUR abilities Phairis - but when people ask for tabs of Michael Anthony's stuff it's fair to assume that not all of us are seasoned pros. I myself am not an expert bassist by any means - hell, I'm just a drummer... some would argue that drummers aren't musicians at all! :) Though I can read chord / bass charts to a limited degree.

: : : I only know what I've seen in a couple of decades of gigging - and that is that, in most paying gig situations, the goal is to serve the music (& by extension the paying audience). I was never a soloist as a drummer. I kept time & served the music - and consequently got way more paying gigs than most of my 'flashy' drummer friends.

: : : I absolutely agree w/ your assessment of rocking out **while holding the groove**. But the fact that g's entire band told him to chill tells me he ain't serving the music. So perhaps he ought to lay back a bit - unless he wants to play for no pay, in which case he can do whatever he wants. JMO

: : : PEACE

: : : : Yes, there are orchestras with such people (and please don't assume that they can read "way beyond" what I can, you have no clue as to my music background). I myself am such a person in orchestras/jazz bands/marching bands, etc. When one is part of such a large entity, a small piece of the big machine, you don't have to do so much to serve the music. But in a small rock band, you can rock out, play your ass off, and still serve the music; still establish the groove. The best bass player I know is probably not the fastest, best soloist, but he does play busy, and he maintains one of the best grooves I've ever heard. You've never heard of him, but there's someone else who does the same thing: his name is Geddy Lee. Also, John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, etc, etc. When I originally wrote my response to the guy's question, I was not maintaining that he should just solo, do whatever he wants and the hell with the rest of the band. I was saying that if a band didn't want to let him try to add a little colour and excitement to the music, then it wasn't really worth it to stay.

: :
: : i say get a new band and you wright all the tunes I did and its rockin I do what I like.

: : Del

: congratulations Del! You're absolutely right.

yeah you are right......if you have the burning need to be the player you are..then find some freaks who believe in your vision and even fall into place with it.........

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