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Posted by Deman on June 14, 2000 at 16:34:54:

In Reply to: Re: Please help posted by penroff4 on June 14, 2000 at 13:50:06:

: : : I have been playing for 3 years now and i need some help. Our band has a fairly large PA system, but when I plug my bass directly into the board it sounds crap. I've followed everyones advice, about setting the board and bass up and I know that it doesn't work. will it help if I line out from an amp?? Why line out from an amp?? Why mike up an amp, instead of using the line out?
: : : Any answers to the following questions would be greatley appreciated!!!!
: : : Thanx
: : : danny

: : Well, it sounds crap because you are amplyfing de bass with a non-bass amplificator!!. It's better to amplify the amplifier's signal if u can. Why a mic instead of a line out?. I don't know; it depends of the amplifier, the mic and the player. If u have to plug in directly to the PA then try to use a pedal such an amp simalutor (it sounds more or less OK) or if u don't have an amp simulator u can use a graphic equalizator (but this is the worst option).
: : Hope this helped!

: Dont know much about this, but would using the line out through a direct box help?

Penroff hit the nail on the head. Elecric Instuments with magnetic pickups are high impedance signals (about 600 ohms & up) The reason (most likley) that your bass sounds like a car shaking hands with a brick wall is probably an impedance mis-match. Also, the pre-amps in the board are not built to handle a bass. That's why special bass amps are used. Running from the line out (1/4") of an amp (especially if it is balanced) can help a bit, but the best solution is a D.I. box. This changes the signal from high to low impedance (XLR), and is the standard for bass guitar through a P.A. If you need help on setting a D.I. up, which D.I.'s are best, or other questions, feel free to E-mail me. As to miking amps, the most common reason is sound. The player wants the sound of the speaker, or the particular tone of his amp. The sound can be changed according as to wheree the mic is in relation to the speaker(s). Some amps (especially vintage) sound much better miked,or don't have a D.I., and the player doesn't want just straight signal going to house. Hope I helped - Keep us updated.

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