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Posted by Pat Harrington on June 26, 2000 at 14:49:14:

In Reply to: A few questions posted by Tugboat on June 26, 2000 at 12:10:03:

: I am saving up to totally re-haul my rig. Actually I dont really have a rig, just a crappy Affinity P-Bass and a Fender BXR 100. So I have been doing some research and found that a great bass company seems to be Sadowsky. Warwick also looks pretty good but my favorite band's bass player uses Sadowsky and I like his sound (Metallica's Jason Newsted). I have also been looking for a new amp and speaker cabinets. I am trying to decide between an Ampeg SVT4 Pro Head or a Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ Head. I have no idea what cabinets to get, maybe 2 4x10 Ampeg Cabinets. Any segestions on either subject?

Hey Tug....Sadowskys are pretty much styled after Fender designs..

One part of the secret of their tone is the pre-amp. This pre-amp

is actually available from Sadowsky as a floor box for I think

around $200. I've tried the Sadowsky basses but prefer my 70's

Fender J, and my E.B. Musicman..Easier on the wallet, too..

A word about those big tube heads...The Ampeg runs a sextet

(that's 6, count em') SIX 6550 output tubes that will run

you over 300 bucks when it comes time to retube. The Boogie

runs I think 12 6L6 tubes, which won't be that much cheaper.

These heads are HEAVY. The Ampeg weighs in at a whopping

95LBS..Take it from a guy that ended up having back surgery

from hauling an SVT head and cabinet (read...REFRIGERATOR)

for many years...The sound is great, but the toll it takes

on you especially if your'e gigging a lot is terrible

unless you have a roadie..Try some of the hybrid amps

like Eden, SWR, etc...Fantastic tube sound comes from the

tube pre-amp section (one 12AX7 about 10$), and the toroidal

transformers make my head (the EDEN WT-800) put out 800

bi-amped watts, and the head can be tucked under one arm..

I run two seperate cabinets which is what you had in mind,

it makes things a lot easier, especially when you play

smaller clubs where you don't need as much volume..

Bottom line though...Try as many as you can, buy the BEST

you can afford, and before you lay down your hard earned

bread, make sure it's what you want and what sounds

best to YOU!!!..

Good luck


Pat H.

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