Re: Carvin or SWR?

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Posted by Pat Harrington on July 11, 2000 at 19:16:50:

In Reply to: Re: Carvin or SWR? posted by gavin on July 11, 2000 at 00:46:17:

: : : I currently own a Fender BXR 100 amp.I'am thinking of selling it,and getting something better.I'm stuck between a Carvin PB200-15,or an SWR workingmans 15.I realize that it is ultimately up to me to decide,but since Carvin amps are mail order only,I thought maybe someone could offer some insight.Thank you all for any help you may give.

: : Hey Tim....I'm not a fan of Carvin amps...The cabs are great, they're
: : loaded with Eminence speakers, almost indestrucible, but the heads
: : are so-so...Just my opinion....The cardinal rule applies here as
: : always: Try BEFORE you buy!!

: : Cheers,
: : Pat H

: Pat...can i ask you to expound upon your comment on carvin heads? (ie, explain more) i'm looking into picking up their 600w head. i liked the multiple eq's offered, and the tube/solid mix is a must. any knowledge you can share would be much appreciated. thanks.

Hi Gavin...I tried the big Carvin hybrid amp, The power rating was
way optimistic, and the tone to me was brittle and lifeless..
I'm not a big fan of graphic e.q.'s either..The semi-parametric
on my Eden sounds the best to me...Also, I really hated that
silly noise gate thingy on the Carvin...The Carvin retails at about
half of what my Eden WT-800 goes for, and the sound is about half
as good....I guess you get what you pay for...
If you want something in the price range of the Carvin, maybe
a little more expensive, try PEAVEY...They make good, honest,
durable stuff with plenty of power, and the after sale service
is pretty decent...I would go Peavey before Carvin for amps..
Carvin speakers are quite good, though...I wish Peavey had
a bigger market here in Southern California, it's kinda tough
to find to any great extent at the music stores here..

Pat H

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