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Posted by Pat Harrington on July 11, 2000 at 23:10:50:

In Reply to: New Amp posted by Chris on July 11, 2000 at 16:22:54:

: Hey Bass People,
: I recently joined a band that is just becomming known around our town and as you could imagine we have plenty of gigs to play... The problem is my amp. Its a 20 yr old Ampeg amp, its not too big (Speaker is maybe a foot and a half wide) But it just doesnt make anough sound to carry the band. I actually got it free from a family member several months ago but i need a new rig that can really be heard over the two guitars and drummer... during blues solos especially my amp is just so fuzzy that you cant really make out notes. Its fine as a practice amp, but once you turn it up 1/3 of the way or so it gets really grungy sounding and if you turn it up more there isnt much change. Im looking for a good new loud amp with alot of bass in the 200-250$ range. Is that possible??? Please respond with any good loud amps that i are in this range... peace. -hris

Hey Chris...I don't know if that Ampeg you have is tubes or transistors,
but if you turn the amp up and it starts distorting right away, it may
be the output tubes..The old Ampeg tube amps are actually built very
well, and are pretty loud. I recently picked up an old V4B head,
which is rated at 100 watts, the thing is incredibly loud..
A lot of people don't know this, but the "V" series Ampegs use
the 7027 power tubes, which a lot of people are scared of,
but in fact, the 7027 output is the SAME as a 6L6, EXACTLY
THE SAME!!!...ALSO, many of the Ampeg amps will run on almost
ANY output tube, providing that the bias is set correctly
for that tube. I changed out the 7027's in my V4B to the
6550 tube which is run in the SVT head. I managed to boost
the power to over 120 watts just with a set of 6550s and
a quick re-bias. So, before you ditch that Ampeg, you might
want to have it checked by a repair shop..Hell, it may even
be just a speaker problem, as paper cones don't last forever.
The cone may have been over-excurted (wrinkled) which can also
give you a god-awful sound...Carvin sells really nice 15" replacements
for less than 100 bucks, cast frame, good quality Eminence speakers..
None of us here are rich (yet!) So if you can save a few bucks,
all the better..Those old Ampegs actually sound really nice if
they're dialed in right, just listen to anything from Motown
that Jamerson played on...An old P-bass with a little Ampeg

Good Luck


Pat H

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