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Posted by El Pájaro on July 14, 2000 at 07:20:33:

In Reply to: Aftermarket pickups posted by Mickster on July 13, 2000 at 12:27:08:

: Hello all,I recently purchased a new fretless Fender Jazz Bass
: (Mexico)and I love it.This is my first fretless and,I fear I must now
: turn my back on my fretted former life.Yes it does have fret positions
: in the neck but then again I've just taken the "training wheels" off so
: I'm not going to pretend I'm Ron Carter.My question is:Can anyone offer
: advise on aftermarket pickups? I've heard a few people sing the praises
: of Bartolini,but what about DiMarzio? EMG? Duncan? I'm trying to make
: the ax sound as much like a stand-up as possible.Any info would be greatly
: appreciated. Also,any advise on strings,bridges etc.? Thanks,Mickster,NYC

Hey there Mick,
Even though all the pickup brands you named are great, I can speak from my own experience with Bartolinis they work wonderfully. However, if an upright sound is what you're after, maybe you'd like to consider the possibility of adding piezo pickups instead. Piezos work quite differently from magnetics, since they rely on pressure rather than changes in the magnetic field to create a signal. As far as I know, there is no better way to get an "acoustic" sound.
Another important point regarding that goal is your choice of strings: roundwounds will sound too trebly and will have too much sustain (not to mention they'll chew your fingerboard like nobody's business!), so I think half rounds or even flats are the way to go. I had Rotosound flats on my fretless, and even though I ended not liking their performance, they do sound obscure and dead enough to emulate the feel of an upright quite reasonably.
Hope this helped. Buena suerte and keep all of your basses way up front in the mix,

El Pájaro

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