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Posted by El Pájaro on July 15, 2000 at 17:42:21:

In Reply to: Pat Harrington and El Pajaro: Opinion Please posted by Jcor on July 15, 2000 at 14:14:56:

: On another bass related bulletin board, I noticed that a lot of people are down on solid state amps prefering tube (SVT) amps. These amps are more expensive, heavy, and may have more maintenance requirements (replacing tubes, heat problems, etc.). After a "15 year" vacation, I picked up my old Fender bass and started to play again. Naturally, my 18 year old Acoustic bass amp didn't sound as good to my mature ears. As such, I went out and tested various amps, cabs and combos from Ampeg, SWR, Eden and found a mosfet based amp and cab which fit in my budget which sounded great to me. I bought what I liked and it fits the music I play (70's rock, gospel, jazz). In looking at the opinions of others, I get the feeling that I have limited myself in terms of sound. SS amps are supposed to be cleaner sounding and have no "warmth". Both of you seem to have the most experience on this board. Have I limited myself?

Hello there,
Well there IS a lot of hype around this, and it always annoyed me how tubes are used solely as a marketing tool by amp manufacturers, but the truth, in my humble opinion, is tube amps and solid state amps DO sound different. A nice compromise between those two is the "hybrid" type of amp: a tube preamp (preamp tubes are cheaper, easier to find and less prone to breaking and/or wearing out) matched with a solid state power stage. In an ideal world, this kind of amp would combine some of the tube "warmth" with the efficiency and reliability of a solid state circuitry. My current amp is this type and it sounds quite good!
Now, whether you should choose one type or the other is entirely up to you. Some players like to analize amp specs to death; I'd rather go with my ears -if any given piece of gear sounds good to me and fits my budget, I woudn't waste time trying to decipher what kind of electronic circuitry is in there. If it sounds good to me, it sounds good, period.
Have you limited yourself? I don't think so. There's the obvious budget restrictions, but that's something we are all held back by to some degree. If, as you tell, you actually tried every amp within your budget and ended up buying what sounded the best to you, then you are a smart shopper in my book.
That's my two pennies worth, I'd LOVE to hear Pat H's opinion about this one ...Pat, are you there??
Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,
El Pájaro

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