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Posted by Pat Harrington on July 16, 2000 at 01:03:55:

In Reply to: Pat Harrington and El Pajaro: Opinion Please posted by Jcor on July 15, 2000 at 14:14:56:

: On another bass related bulletin board, I noticed that a lot of people are down on solid state amps prefering tube (SVT) amps. These amps are more expensive, heavy, and may have more maintenance requirements (replacing tubes, heat problems, etc.). After a "15 year" vacation, I picked up my old Fender bass and started to play again. Naturally, my 18 year old Acoustic bass amp didn't sound as good to my mature ears. As such, I went out and tested various amps, cabs and combos from Ampeg, SWR, Eden and found a mosfet based amp and cab which fit in my budget which sounded great to me. I bought what I liked and it fits the music I play (70's rock, gospel, jazz). In looking at the opinions of others, I get the feeling that I have limited myself in terms of sound. SS amps are supposed to be cleaner sounding and have no "warmth". Both of you seem to have the most experience on this board. Have I limited myself?

Hey guys, First of all I appreciate that you all respect me enough to
ask for my opinion on such things..Here's my take....A LOOONG time ago
when I first started playing bass, the "king of the hill was the SVT,
and the ACOUSTIC 360...I never cared much for the sound of the Acoustic,
so I opted for the Ampeg...Now, in my opinion the SVT is probably one
of the finest amps ever made..You wanna talk about TONE????...There's
NOTHING on this planet that sounds as good as a Fender Jazz through an
SVT...I mean, that setup will stop a charging rhino at 50 paces...
HOWEVER........Time marches on.....Pat's not as young and as strong
(or crazy) as he used to be....PLUS....In 1997, I had to have BACK
SURGERY...from all those years humping that GOD-DAMNED SVT!!!!!
I was never one to complain about back pain, but let me tell you all
this....BACK PROBLEMS ARE NOT A JOKE!!!!!!...Since I'm primarily a
live player, ( I just got back from a gig..I played my little Roland
combo amp) I ain't gonna hump no 95lb bass this day
and age, the whiz-bang engineer/electronics types have invented stuff
like HYBRID bass amplifiers and TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS....Let me tell
you gentlemen...I can get 95% of the tone out of my EDEN setup as
I could ever get out of my SVT.....What happened to my SVT you ask??
Good question....It shrunk down to a V4B head and a 1-15 cabinet..
Still too damn heavy to carry to gigs, and $$ to retube...It stays
in the studio where it belongs....If anybody here is lucky to have
a personal roadie...PAY THAT GUY WELL....His career humpin' yer
SVT will be a short one, that's for sure.....


Pat H.

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