Re: Down the drain or good buy?

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Posted by EL Pájaro on July 19, 2000 at 13:07:46:

In Reply to: Down the drain or good buy? posted by Kev on July 19, 2000 at 11:03:46:

: Hi Everybody,

: I've been lurking on this board for a little while and I'm really impressed with the knowledge and maturity of you guys. I'm sure this question has been addressed thoroughly already but I couldn't find much posted recently on this specifically so sorry if this is a common question.

: I play guitar(1year) and on a recent trip to a local store I saw some crazy hippie looking guy on a video doing things with a bass that completely blew me away. I asked the sales guy "WHO IS THAT?!" He didn't know but he asked around and then told me "Some guy named Jack-o." That was it for me. I'm looking to buy a bass and amp and get started. My dilemma is concerning buying a new Carvin Bass. Peoples opinions on Carvin stuff seem to be love or hate with no in betweens. I believe in "you get what you pay for" but the allure of an american made custom bass at half the price of other basses with comparable features is powerful. Specifically I'm looking at a Bunny Brunel 4 or 5 string model. So for you experienced people out there(El Pajaro, Brock, Pat Harrington for example) who have played dozens of instruments, what's your real impression of Carvin basses? I know resale is low on these and that's not a big concern. For what I want I'm going to pay around $1000 and if you guys think it's a bad move I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could give me compelling reason(s) to or not to pull the trigger on a Carvin Bass. They appear to be a great value for the money and I'm just not motivated by cheap/starter basses-even though I know that's all I really need. Thanks in advance for your help.

: kev

Hey there Kev,
Hell, I'd wished I played as many basses as you think I played! I've played a few anyway, but none of them was a Carvin, unfortunately. Since Carvin sells factory direct only, trying one is quite difficult if you don't live near their So Cal showrooms (I don't even live in the U.S., so go figure!).
Having said that, there's not much insight I can offer really, but I'd like to add anyway that ALL of the reviews of Carvin instruments I read in music magazines were positive to the extreme (reviews of Carvin amps, on the other hand, well...). All reviews stressed especially the "bang for the buck" factor, which I think is perhaps the most attractive feature in Carvin instruments.
Now, whether magazine reviews have any credibility is an arguable point, but I do have faith in Bass Player mag, and over the years they had several basses tested by different staffers, who always conclude Carvin instruments stand out over other manufacturers' basses in the same price range.
That's my two cents worth. I think maybe Pat H. can offer some advice much more solid than mine. Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,

El Pájaro

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