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Posted by Brock on July 19, 2000 at 16:01:49:

In Reply to: Down the drain or good buy? posted by Kev on July 19, 2000 at 11:03:46:

: Hi Everybody,

: I've been lurking on this board for a little while and I'm really impressed with the knowledge and maturity of you guys. I'm sure this question has been addressed thoroughly already but I couldn't find much posted recently on this specifically so sorry if this is a common question.

: I play guitar(1year) and on a recent trip to a local store I saw some crazy hippie looking guy on a video doing things with a bass that completely blew me away. I asked the sales guy "WHO IS THAT?!" He didn't know but he asked around and then told me "Some guy named Jack-o." That was it for me. I'm looking to buy a bass and amp and get started. My dilemma is concerning buying a new Carvin Bass. Peoples opinions on Carvin stuff seem to be love or hate with no in betweens. I believe in "you get what you pay for" but the allure of an american made custom bass at half the price of other basses with comparable features is powerful. Specifically I'm looking at a Bunny Brunel 4 or 5 string model. So for you experienced people out there(El Pajaro, Brock, Pat Harrington for example) who have played dozens of instruments, what's your real impression of Carvin basses? I know resale is low on these and that's not a big concern. For what I want I'm going to pay around $1000 and if you guys think it's a bad move I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could give me compelling reason(s) to or not to pull the trigger on a Carvin Bass. They appear to be a great value for the money and I'm just not motivated by cheap/starter basses-even though I know that's all I really need. Thanks in advance for your help.

: kev


Hey kev,

Well what you ask is an interesting question. I was in the same boat as you. Lookin for a good bass..and willing to pay a grand or so for it. First of all..and dude, trust me... don't buy a bass merely based on what you read or what people tell you. Take suggestions, but with a grain of salt. The great thing about bass is that there are many kinds, as in all guitars obviously, so there's always a good variety to pick from. First of all, i think that maybe hold out for a little bit. There's a few things that you should do if you're looking for a bass that's not only a quality instrument, but one fit for you. Number one, do some research. Search some internet sites, and find out how materials affect a bass guitar...such as type of wood, how its made (for example how the neck sits in the body; Neck through body, or bolt-on neck) Next i do agree that its good to find out the response from others. If one million bass players tell you that a bass sucks...they're probably saying it for a reason. Third, find out some prices... be careful where you are shopping becuase what i've found out is that some places raise the list price of an instrument so that they can sell it at a higher price..So find out what it "really is" possibly from the maker's website. Another thing you may want to do is find out about how the electronics are going to be on the bass.. ANd The last, AND MOST IMPORTANT piece of my mind i can give is to GET OUT TO THE STORES, AND GET YOUR HANDS ON SOME BASSES. I think Carvin's are pretty good. They look great and play very well, but keep in mind there may be a better bass that is more suitable to your needs. Personally, when i found my own WARWICK THUMB bass...(4 string bolt-on... My New favorite of my basses) i had made a list of instruments that i thought i would like to try..based on these things i've told you... and a bass that i had thought that i definitely wanted (based on mostly opinions and price..) turned out to not feel right in my hands and i just didn't want it after i turned to the warwick. SO i strongly strongly suggest that you try out some of the "more respectable" bass guitars and just use your instincts. You've been playing guitar, so you probably know if you like the feel of certain instruments or not. There is a DEFINITE DIFFERENCE with certain guitars, as you probably know. Oh one more thing...sound. Compare sounds among other things, because basses offer a variety of these with respect to the maker and model. Use your ears man, because that's what you have to listen to when you practice, and what the crowd listens to in a show. You might want to actually "like" the sound of the bass you're buying.

Good luck in finding your bass.. And don't forget this stuff!!!

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