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Posted by JDP on July 21, 2000 at 23:41:20:

In Reply to: Re: Headless Basse posted by Deman on July 20, 2000 at 00:18:08:

:: I haven't played any of the 'Spirit' by Steinberger basses so I can't answer as to the quality of the instrument itself. I have heard they don't hold resale value well at all. My 'steinberger copy' was a 4 string Hohner. B2A I think was the model. I think I paid a little over $400 new for it. It had a good tone with active and passive electronics and EMG pickups. I think it was good for the money. The action was a bit high on this model (not bad for slapping), but I probably would have liked it to be a bit lower. The guide I use for purchasing basses is $100 a string for an intermediate instrument. (i.e. an OK 5 stringer should probably go for around $500.00 - it might list for more but you pay around $500) That's something I just found from prior purchases. For me personaly every time I went below $100 per every string on the bass I've been disappointed and returned the instrument. A 5 string for $269.00 would be something I'd have to play before I purchased it - or as least make sure you can return it if needed. Again hope this helps! JDP

: Thanks for the answer...Now, to get to what I guess was my real point anyway...Are these Steinberger repros worth the money? (Not much at that!) I'm looking for a solid Five string that won't break what small bank I have left...and these caught my eye...Doesn't have to be anything special, just something to play with, not nessecarily great gig machine or anything - just thought It would be fun (and useful) to learn...

: : : I've played 'Steinberger type' basses for quite a while. I never have really noticed any lack of sustain problems with them. I mostly use mine for slap/pop stuff. I've never played a 'real' Steinberger but they are rare and in high demand by some. You can only find them used. The $269 one you are refering to is probably from someplace like right? Those are 'Spirit' by Steinberger - a much cheaper copy of the originals. The original Steinberger's were made by Ned Steinberger in the 80's and had graphite necks (I think maybe they were ALL graphite)and high end electronics. They were wonderful instruments that still go for around $2000.00 today used. Ned Steinberger sold the rights to Gibson (I think) to make those basses now and Gibson mass produces them under the Spirit by Steinberger name (much like the Tobias basses that are on the market now - Michaeal Tobias makes basses under the MTD line). I'm sure they are OK, but nothing like the 80's counterparts. Hope this helps!

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