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Posted by Tim Schnautz on July 22, 2000 at 01:04:18:

In Reply to: Re: low priced basses posted by El Pájaro on July 13, 2000 at 07:34:25:

: :
: : Hi was wondering if on the site if the basses were still
: : good for their low prices. I saw steinberger, tobias, and kramer basses.
: : I am more interested in the kramer focus420s bass because it is only
: : 90 dollars. Can it compare to the squier p-bass? ANd if not how about
: : the tobias basses. One is for 300 dollars and is the retail value 900
: : dollars true for the tobias bass? Thanks.

: :
: : John

: Hey John,
: I don't know about the Kramer bass, but regarding the Tobias, you should know they're no longer built by renowned luthier Michael Tobias, but they are built by a large compay now. That means instruments sold under the Tobias name are not of the same quality they used to be before. Michael currently builds his incredible instruments under the "MTD - Michael Tobias Design" name.
: Happy hunting!

: El Pájaro

The Tobias on MusicYo is a Korean made bolt on neck job... it is of decent quality, and from what I have understood it is a good bang for the buck.. Active Batonili style pickups, light, comfortable. and do the job... I wouldn't say it is "high-end" by any means. but looks good, feels good, and plays good, and sounds good.
Michael Tobis sold his name out to Gibson some time ago, and about all the Tobias bass's are made in Korea. (from what I understand).
If you are going to get one, buy it directly from OFF OF EBAY!,, the Ebayers take the MusicYo website and advertise the same stuff and snag people for sometimes many hundreds of dollars more than buying direct.
BTW MusicYo Is owned by Gibson... so they laugh their way to the bank all the way around.
But all in all, the 300$ "Toby" is a good value. Oh! and concerning "list" prices... they could say it "retails" for 9 million dollars but will still sell it direct to you for $299.00 plus shipping... ridiculous, isn't it?
Tim Schnautz

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