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Posted by Pat Harrington on July 22, 2000 at 11:19:28:

In Reply to: Re: Pompous guitar players posted by Pat Harrington on July 22, 2000 at 11:11:41:

: : "i'm just saying, for the most part, bass is for people who want to be in a band and get credit, but not put as much effort in."

: : I found this on a messageboard, and I don't particularly understand him. Is this just a common attitude among the "Guitar is my Phallus" followers?

: I'm not surprised at that comment, and I thought singers were bad!!!
: Put it this way..Guitar players outnumber bass players by about 100
: to one...Just look in the larger music stores..They have 100 guitars
: hanging on the wall for every one bass..Bass is a much more difficult
: instrument to MASTER...There are hundreds, maybe thousands of guitarists
: that I would call "Virtuosos"..People that have absolutely mastered
: and conquered the instrument..But there are DAMN FEW "virtuoso" Bassists;
: I can count them on one hand..I'm not talking about the Fleas or Newssteads
: of the world (They're good bassists, but hardly of the Jaco caliber)..

Furthermore...Your "phallus" assessment is probably correct, in that
a LOT of guitarists (not all) are suffering from some type of
existential crisis, and the need to "prove" themselves, a "Type 1"
personality like the psychologists call them...Fundamentally insecure..
I don't wish to paint with a wide brush and put ALL guitarists in
this category, but over the many years playing with hundreds of
musicians, I've seen it many times...Oh well.....I just hang back and
do my thing, play my part...It's all about the MUSIC!!!

Pat H

: The moral to the story::...Bassists for the most part are more of the
: musician type of person, and less of the "I wanna be the loudest guy
: in the band playing the most notes, on the front of the stage, in the
: spotlight so I can get all the broads" type of people..
: A band is sort of like a wheel on a bicycle...The Hub of the wheel
: is the Bass and drums..They provide the strength and the center of

: Cheers,

: Pat H

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