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Posted by kenny on July 23, 2000 at 07:37:33:

In Reply to: When your playing just sorta stands still... posted by Denny on July 22, 2000 at 17:49:40:

: I started playing bass about 4 years ago, and I experienced that amazing catapult in playing..I was learning really quickly, and I've emerged as a good player, I guess..but my bass playing has sort of been standing still..I will learn things, but I can't find anything to challenge me or help me grow as a bassist..where the problem is I know I don't know soooo much about bass playing..I just can't seem to find anything though..

: can anyone give me any suggestions to help me grow as a player? Any websites, music I should listen to, bass players I should look at, and technique that need further assessment..any advice will be greatly appreciated..thank you.

Ok Denny, before I give you any advice I have a couple of questions for you. Have you ever taken lessons? If not, consider the thought.......only if you can find a teacher that will show the right stuff and not concentrate on the bass lines from Dokken or something!!!!LOL SEcond question.....Do you know how to read music? If not, you should strongly consider looking into it. You may never use this skill on stage but it will greatly assist you in expanding your horizons.
I've studied music for many years with 3 different teachers and this is an idea that has guided me through my music ever since. You need to put yourself in a situation where you are FORCED to play things you would never play on your own or in your band. For example, if you are a rock you know any jazz players..if so, then hook up with one and ask him to teach you some stuff or even just attempt to play along. If you learn to read pick up a piece written for cello or sax and play it on the bass. This is not to suggest you become a classical or jazz player, this is just so that you pick up the ideas and fingerings. Trust me ......these things WILL affect your playing in a very positive way. I spent a year working on Bach's cello suites and they improved my chops in ways you could not imagine. I've learned to play Charlie Parker and Miles Davis solos on the bass and learned a FEEL that I could get no where else.
Naturally, there is always other bass players to check out as well. James Jamerson......Jaco Pastorious......Mingus.......Vic Wooten.....the James Brown bass players.....Barret(Bob Marley)........the list is endless.
If you follow these ideas what should happen is a slow transformation in your playing. Your own playing will take on new and interesting twists and turns and your band mates will begin to look at you differently. The idea is to let these things affect you in a very subtle way, or work on stuff at home and just let the influences come through as they will when you are working on your own stuff.

peace and hair grease

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