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Posted by kenny on July 24, 2000 at 07:45:33:

In Reply to: Re: When your playing just sorta stands still... posted by Denny on July 24, 2000 at 00:34:26:

: I've never had a bass teacher, I don't have the money for it, I'm only 16...I do read music though. I'm in my school's Jazz and Concert Band, so I have to, though my teacher has switched me over to guitar ( I can't stand it..I can't feel it..when I play bass, I feel it, on guitar I'm just "blah"). I loved playing bass in school, it was my first taste of a real walking bassline, we've played Oye Como Va, A Night In Tunisia, Chicago songs, Birdland, disco, alot of really fun stuff, we've even played The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. My teacher was great, he would open up songs like Pick Up The Pieces and make the whole rhythm section go into an jam, which was great, it helped me alot. He also made me play trombone duets, is making me transpose trumpet pieces in my head, he's fabulous...but I still don't feel myself progressing...I've been checking out Jaco and Victor Wooten, but what do I do then? I'm also looking for sites with trombone solos, or actual music for reading purposes. I also want an nice upright and play in a little jazz octet or something! but I don't have the! I'm getting frustrated and am learning Octopus's Garden on my guitar..

Ok.....well sounds like you are in a good atmosphere. I suspect that what you are missing is what I would call personal application. When I was your age I was studying and practicing like crazy and around the age of 17 got very frustrated and tired of what I was doing. My problem (which maybe yours) was that I spent tons of time being a robot. Practicing scales, other people's music and technique over and over. The problem was that there was no developement of ME. My personal voice on the bass was not there. Simply because I didn't have one yet. I could play great.....technique was perfect....I was faster than most guitar players I knew.....but still no passion from ME. I feel that the only way to make this voice show itself would be to shift your perspective and your forum a bit. when you are not in school try to forget about the stiff thinking and the rigid format. Find some guys or gals to play with.... find a style that makes your hair stand up............pick a key.......pick progression.......AND JUST PLAY!!!!!!! No sheet teachers ........and no restraints. I can't tell how many people I've known who could play anything you put in front of them but could not sit and just play something that came from inside them. Better yet, try writing a song.....yes, on the bass. I've written many songs on the bass and it is very satisfying especially when you get a band together and actualize it.

As far as great bass players go, look for books dedicated to their music you should have no trouble finding them with written out musical examples. Oh yeah......when you do get your hands on an upright bass, plan to find a bass teacher. It is totally different animal.....left hand / right hand and fingering is completely different, and not something you can reasonably tackle alone. peace-------Kenny

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