Re: Return of the dreaded 5-string discussion!

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Posted by Datsgor on July 28, 2000 at 23:10:43:

In Reply to: Return of the dreaded 5-string discussion! posted by Glen on July 28, 2000 at 12:48:03:

: OK folks, I got to play an Alembic 5-string yesterday....

: Clearly audible B-string. Beautiful tone. No dead spots. Wide enough fretboard/ string spacing to make slap a comfortable experience. New positions & scale patterns available. Miles' "So What" sounds great an octave lower! And the Alembic sounds awesome playing chords in the upper registers. I could get used to it verrry quickly!

: BUT.... I ain't gonna fork over the $2800.00 it cost the owner for one anytime soon. I have a mortgage to pay & a wife to (try to) keep happy LOL

: One opinion hasn't changed - I don't think the words "beginner" and "5-string" belong anywhere near each other. The 5-strings in a beginner's price range just don't cut it - the ones I've seen suffer from all the problems mentioned previously. JMO of course.


While it is true, that any of us who have been playing for some time, have the experience and recognition to want something of quality, namely 2 to 3 to 4 thousand dollar 5 or 6 string basses, I dont think a beginner should be disueded from starting off on a five string simply because the quality is not there.(whew..!, i even wonder if that sentance is puctuated right!)What I am saying, is, if you start out on an instrument that isnt the greatest but you stick with it through the learning process and develop the skills needed to please yourself progressivly, then better equipment is in the future, but at least the fire has been started. So if someone(a beginner) wanted to start out on a fiver because his(or her) favorite bassist playes one, then I say go out and get the best one you can afford for the money you got, and learn what you want and then later on you can worry about the quality when you know you are hooked and want to spend the money to further that experience we all know and love.
Lets just get poeple hooked on playing bass. Think back.. what was your fisrt bass.....a honer....even worse? but still you played, and you have the quality equipment now. But not everybody can do that right away. Again, lets just get people hoked on bass...if a fender bass pack is waht you can afford....GO OUT AND GET ONE! do it for the love of the instrument, not because someone else had a good or bad experience with it. Talking about equipment and reviews are great( and worthwhile) a thing that I enjoy, but lets not confuse a beginner with a whole lot of tech talk and such.Maybe I am beginning to ramble and come to think of it this reply may not have much to do with the lead subject..but what the hell....I said what I wanted to say.......also this is a great sight. let us not screw it up like the lakland sight...keep up the great posts, i look forward to future exchanges....peace.....john

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