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Posted by El Pájaro on July 29, 2000 at 08:49:57:

In Reply to: Forgot one thing... posted by Stojan on July 29, 2000 at 08:23:53:

: : Yo... Got some questions about played in basses. Two years ago I bought a Yamaha 4-string BBN4 direct from the factory, it had never been played when I got it. I got a friend who has been playing bass for like 15 years, and he is really awesome when he gets a bass in his hands. So, he tried the bass out, and said to me, that it was a bad purchase. Maybe it was, my ears was untrained, so at that time, I was thinking like "a bass is a bass is a bass"...

: : But now, two years later, I've had the opportunity to practice a lot, at least one hour a day during two years. I have played the same bass all the time. So, this friend of mine, who I actually had not seen since that day two years ago, came over and tried the bass. He wouldn't believe me when I said it was the same bass, because due to him, it sounded sooooo god, he even wanted to buy it from me...

: : So, I've been thinking about this a lot. Or tried to, actually I have no clue how this works. It's my impression that a bass only sounds better and better the older it gets. Any good thoughts about this?

: : I'm thinking about buying a Fender fretless, and I have got some offers on three basses, a '62, a '74 and a '79, for very good prices, about $1000-1500 each.. Which one should I head for? Of course, I will try them out before I decide, I'm not that blue-eyed, but... Well, what do you think?

: : One more thing... A friend likes to know, anyone who knows how much an almost unplayed fender (it's been standing in a wardrobe for I don't know how many years) with frets from '64 is worth?

: : Peace and wine

: : Stojan

: --------------

: I'm talking about Fender JAZZ-basses, I should add...

: -Stojan.

Hey there,
Good point: aging DEFINITELY has an effect on basses. I'm not sure two years is enough to notice any changes, but if your friend noticed them, they must have happened.
As far as I know, this is due to many factors, mains being both the gradual loss of magnetic pull in the pickup magnets (which makes the bass sound punchier) and the gradual wear of the neck and body finish, which allows the wood to "breathe" more, thus resonating in a different way.
On the other topic, I think the prices you've been offered are fair, but maybe you just can cheat your other friend who has a 64 Jazz in the closet by saying something like: "oh man this old shit is worthless! I'll do you a favor and buy it for $100, that's as much as you would get" ;-))
Now seriously though, your friend's bass seems to be a collector's item; I'd try with a vintage specialist like Elderly Instruments for an opinion on how much that's worth.
Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,

El Pájaro

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