Re: Crate Bx-100 or the Peavey TKO115s?

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Posted by Deman on July 31, 2000 at 18:33:54:

In Reply to: Crate Bx-100 or the Peavey TKO115s? posted by Chris on July 30, 2000 at 14:36:15:

Hey...both of the amps you are talking about are good, and as far as the difference between them, there isn't much. The peavey is a little bit smaller as far as wattage goes, But I have found that peaveys sound very loud for thier Power, and crates often don't. I have played the Crate, and It sounded a l;ittle weak, but I was in a pretty big auditorium without being able to EQ the way I wanted for power. I'm not exactly sure on the chorus loop, you'd have to look at the destructions, But I'd bet It was just an effects loop, or some sort of switching for a chorus effect (in the amp, if it has one). The Speaker out on the crate lets you connect another speaker cab to be driven by the Internal amp, which is good for upgrading...I'm not sure if the TKO has one, but most Peaveys have one. As to the Pre amp out/power amp in..That is exactly the same as an effects loop....That's My two cents...
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: Hello again bass people, thanks for your imput on the Peavey. Ive been doing ALOT of searching around for the best amp in my price range and a stumbled across another, the bx-100 made by Crate, for less (it was 330$, and the peavey was 350$). It was nice and loud as well, and had some of the same features. It was all solid-state, unlike the peavey, but had a good sound. At 100 watts it takes more than the peavey, which takes 75. It has an 8 band Eq, and the peavey has a 7, but i dont think would make much difference... Both use 15" spkrs and the peavey has a sheffeild (which ive heard good things about) while the crate uses a crate custom speaker, i beleive. They are about the same size cabinets although the crate is 10 pounds lighter. The two guitarists in my band both use crate amps and think i should go for the crate. AS far as sound and loudness im pretty stuck in the middle between the two. im not the most knowledgable person on amps or basses for that matter since i started only this year- so i have a few questions. The Peavey has a 'chorus loop', while the Crate has an 'effects loop.' what is the difference here? also, the peavey has preamp outputs, so i could upgrade without ditching the peavey, which i can see happening. And the crate has an 'external speaker jack', is this the same thing or what??? I guess this must mean i can upgrade the crate the same way i could with the peavey, but im not sure. you guys seem to really know what you're talking about, so between these two, what should i get? ok well oce again thanks for the imput about the peavey, and peace. chris

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