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Posted by Tim Schnautz on August 08, 2000 at 00:23:22:

In Reply to: Re: Old basses posted by Stinko Stanko on August 06, 2000 at 08:56:36:

: : : : : Hi, it's me again... About those fretless Fender Jazz basses i was about to buy... I haven't checked 'em out yet, but I really like to know. Is there any major technical difference between the early basses (like '62) and later one's (up to '82), that I should know of? Neck, body, pickups, elctrics and other stuff? Thanx in demand... Cya

: : : : Hey, one more thing.....I dont think Fender produced a Fretless jazz bass until the late 80's. In 71, the only basses on the market were the fender precision fretless and the Hohner XK250 semi hollw body. they didnt even produce one while Jaco was busy being famous.....didnt capitolize. ...john

: : : Hey´... I actually think you're wrong. I've heard that fretless basses was produced (by Fender), but it wasn't until Jaco came that the fretless was to break through. But maybe I'm wrong?
: : Fender did noy offer a fretless bass until the year 1970...and that was a prcision.

: Yeah, though there actually are some fretless Fender jazz from the 60's, but
those are just ordinary fretted basses with the frets pulled out. Jaco was the first to do it, I think. Enormous tone, though. Keep the beat, Stinko Stanko

Hey Stink...I wouldn't say Jaco was the first to pull the frets.. A friend of mine in college, back in 1969, had a beater 65 J bass that he put the pliers to. He also played upright, and seeing the frets were wore down on the J, he also decided to pull its teeth.
Gibson had fretless on its EB series in the 60's, and Framus did too. I'm not sure when Ricenbacker made a fretless, but I believe it was around the turn of the 70's as well.
Tim Schnautz

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